Monday, March 2, 2015

Today's Stupid & Ignorant Questions

Police: Facebook Feud Led To Fatal Shooting
Of 14-Year-Old Girl

Jesus makes you stupid & ignorant:
Herman Henderson, a Birmingham pastor and president of the Stop the Violence movement, said it’s time for parents in the community to step up to the responsibility of raising their children.

“We going to reach these daddies, we going to reach these mothers, and we’re going to tell them this is senseless,” Henderson told WVTM. “Where are they getting the guns from? Where are they learning to be so violent at a young age? What happened to the curfew that was put in place?”
Gee, in a society dedicated to peace & justice, w/ guns few, far between & well-regulated, where state violence is a thing of the past

US-led coalition launched 9 airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria over past 24 hours

how could such a thing happen?

Jesus Fucking Christ, pastor, pull your head out of Jesus's ass & check out the world you shitheads have made. Then just fuck off, ignorant buffoon!