Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Idiot Of The Day

No, wait, wrong nitwit; not Jennifer Rubin but Thomas L. Friedman, who reveals the depth of his (& others') commitment to democracy w/ the phrase "Jewish democracy". Here's some fucking context:
far-right political agenda to prevent any Israeli territorial compromise on the West Bank (which, in time, could undermine Israel as a Jewish democracy)
You know, democracy's just right for the right sorts. The minute anyone's ox is about to be gored, however,
At this same conference Adelson was quoted as saying that Israel would not be able to survive as a democracy: “So Israel won’t be a democratic state,” he added. “So what?”
Then it only takes Tom five more paragraphs to attribute the U.S.-Israel relationship to
a mutual respect between two democracy-loving peoples
JESUS GAWD inane drone, you're as much a part of the problem as Sheldon Adelson. Take that pseudo-Churchillian crap of yours w/ you on your way to the old folks' home already. "Two democracy-loving peoples". It's enough to make one physically ill.

Also on the case (& mins. before we were): The Rectification of Names.

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