Thursday, March 12, 2015

Democracy Up-Date

Oh surprise, it has failed (OR BEEN FAILED) once again.

How does this scofflaw son-of-a-bitch hold positions as a municipal judge in two jurisdictions & as a municipal prosecutor in three other jurisdictions?
VINITA PARK • Embattled lawyer Ronald J. Brockmeyer resigned Thursday from his jobs as prosecuting attorney in Vinita Park and Florissant.

Brockmeyer has now resigned from four municipal court posts after a scathing Justice Department report released March 4 criticized him for acting as a revenue generator for the Ferguson court.

The report said he helped bring in millions through “creative” use of fines and fees, while dismissing tickets for himself and friends. The report also rapped him for instilling fear in traffic defendants, even jailing one for 10 days because the man refused to answer questions in court.

Brockmeyer resigned as judge in Ferguson Municipal Court on Monday after the state Supreme Court announced it had assigned all Ferguson cases to the St. Louis County Circuit Court. He subsequently resigned from acting as Dellwood prosecutor and is on an open-ended leave of absence as Florissant prosecutor

City officials in Breckenridge Hills are meeting Monday to discuss his job as judge there.

In Vinita Park, Mayor James McGee said in a news release that Brockmeyer's service would be "dearly missed."

"Mr. Brockmeyer was fair and compassionate to all people," the statement said. "The respect he showed to all he dealt with will be difficult to replace."
Fish, it is claimed, rot from the head down: Stop shooting at the police, start shooting their bosses!

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