Sunday, February 1, 2015

Local Bowl Indicators

Seahawk Superstars.
Have seen one "12th Man" flag (admittedly could have been a fan of astrology or the jury system, for all I know) & one Seahawks logo flag on automobiles; no Patriots stuff. Patriotism, as we all know, is the first refuge of scoundrels. (And cheating mother-fuckers!)

On the other hand, Seattle is somehow the team of hippie-dippies.
That's some awesome spiritual power that the Seahawks have tapped into. Unlike certain other NFL teams that will not be named, the Seahawks honor the Northwest Native culture from which they draw this power by drawing from Native art itself, instead of exploiting racist cartoon stereotypes.
Note well, cretins: You're delusional. There is no such thing as "spirituality". You have no soul; only the merest electro-chemical actvity separates your ears.

Nonetheless, I urge America's team to kill the Patriots dead. Including any Tea Partiers who style themselves "Patriots" w/ an upper-case "P". Fuck you tiresome idiots & your team back to the circles of hell whence you came.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I'd root for the meteor before I root for the Seahawks. Of course, I'd root for the Seahawks before I root for the Cheat Riots.

So...let's go meteor! Otherwise, let's go Marshawn "I'm just here so I don't get fined"* Lynch.

* Pissing off a bunch of pious sports scribblers is pretty awesome.

P.S. Pig News.

mikey said...

I think y'all are crazy. The Patriots are everything that's great about America! Perfect millionaire QB married to perfect millionaire supermodel. Idiot savant football genius cum mob boss coach who can't dress himself or speak coherently, but finds himself in his calling. Gigantic germanic robotic terminator receiver who likes to party. These guys would make a great mini-series...

M. Bouffant said...

Racial Purity Editor:
"Germanic"? "Ski" is Polack! Borders mean something, damnit! Mrs. Brady ain't all that, either.

And have you no West Coastal pride?

I always root for the meteor, but why the 'Hawks hate? I can imagine preferring the Poots to some N.F.C. team. Say, the Cowboys?

Also plus which, what could be more all-American than Pete Carroll winning by cheating at S.C., then moving on to success in Seattle before N-C-2A sanctions set in at S.C.? What a country!