Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Gott Mit Uns

More crap about craptastic Scott Walker, who, in a stunning reversal, is apparently being bothered by Gawd. Or by voices in his head, as if there's a difference.
Walker talked about some of the death threats made against him by those who opposed his conservative reforms. One threatened to “gut my wife like a deer,” and another note said that if his wife didn't stop him, he’d be “the first Wisconsin governor ever assassinated,” he said. The threats are part of the reason he’s “exploring that very real possibility of stepping up and providing a new level of leadership,” he said during the 30-minute call.

“Part of me looks back and thinks that maybe God put me and my family through all this for a purpose – and it wasn’t just to get things done in Wisconsin, and it wasn't just to win all those elections in a state that normally doesn’t go Republican. Maybe it was to set us to … help get our country on the right track.”
Oh, real AmericansRepublicans, please nominate this toad. He's just the fresh face w/ dead ideas the G.O.P. so desperately needs. Has he taken a stand on vaccination or heliocentrism yet?

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