Monday, February 2, 2015

Funniest* Thing On The iNternet Today (Thus Far; 11+ Hrs. to Go)

Laughing & pointing at Roman Catholic (Not a cult! Completely true!! Have faith!!!) & possible (fingers crossed) web log-quitter Andrew "Andy" Sullivan aggregating links about the awfulness of Scientology: Clearly a Cult. Why, believers are cheated & abused! Nowhere else in tax-exempt religion does this happen! Look, South Park was on it yrs. ago!!

He (or one of them) pulls this w/o apparent irony/awareness:
and comical mockery of the group’s belief in the “galactic overlord” Xenu
As opposed to various groups' belief in the "galactic overlord"(s) Adonai, Allah, Elohim, Yahweh ad fucking nauseum. Who's paying Sully not to see what's before his Catholic nose? Will whoever pay him to get out now as promised, saving me the trouble of removing this tiresome irritation from the news feed?
*For some values of funny, not necessarily the "ha-ha" ones.
†Almost as one-track & repetitive as Web of Evil w/ the non-stop M.o.I./Angry Samoans/FEARL.A. (& Jamaican) bands have been on it since the 1960s (Yet nothing is new or really changed, so accept nihilism already!) schtick.