Friday, February 13, 2015

Free Speech Report

"You don't understand."
Beyond all of humanity doing its usual job of enraging me, this 13 Fri. I'm a boiling pink & ready to explode from the personal & specific: Wi-Fi on the barely-used-more-than-a-few-mos. & allegedly brand-new (certainly to me) ARRIS® modem from the corporate clowns of TimeWarnerCable (& whoever the fuck designs programs & manufactures their slave-labor made in China ARRIS® pieces of crap) died Tuesday. Just the fucking Wi-Fi, mind you, but ethernet cabling will result in a trip & fall/potential William Holden-style death or further irksome re-wiring beyond what's already been necessary to remain in touch w/ the outer world. Sweet Blood of Jesus, does it never end, ever?
Following every possible move (short of the above) & a telephone consultation w/ someone in Colorado who did all he could to turn it the hell back on remotely an exchange was decided on, so it's outside in the upper 80°F. Carrying a modem. Sweet Blood of Jesus, does it never end, ever?
"Nobody but Jesus." Jesus (if that was his real name) not name-checked in this one: