Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Democracy At Work, In Its "Home"

The problem isn’t simply that the troika wants Greece to balance the budget; it wanted Greece to balance the budget by lowering wages and by imposing austerity on the labor force. But instead, the terms in which Varoufakis has suggested balancing the budget are to impose austerity on the financial class, on the tycoons, on the tax dodgers. And he said, okay, instead of lowering pensions to the workers, instead of shrinking the domestic market, instead of pursuing a self-defeating austerity, we’re going to raise two and a half billion from the powerful Greek tycoons. We’re going to collect the back taxes that they have. We’re going to crack down on illegal smuggling of oil and the other networks and on the real estate owners that have been avoiding taxes, because the Greek upper classes have become notorious for tax dodging.
More recently, SaidakhmetovBouffant expressed his intent to buy a machine gun and shoot police officers and FBI agentsbankers & other economic terrorists if thwarted in his plan to join (ISIS) in Syriadestroy all civilization by typing angry stuff all over the iNternet.
I have enough credit now that I could git me sum GUNZNAMMO, too!! Take that as a threat if you like, Fascist Bureau of Idiots who can't keep us safe from anything but the First Amendment!

[The Real News/CBSNEWS]

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