Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Burn Of The Day: Platitudinous Prick Barfs Boilerplate

Same tired old shit, & at this point no one can tell if it's the same day or a different day ... like sands through the hourglass, they all blur together in dullness. Is there any true difference between days?

Enough abstract pseudo-philosophy, the point here is a link to a rundown of the original thinking of sad shithead Scott Walker, Gov. (By the Skin of His Teeth) of Wisc. & follower of conventional reactionary wisdom. Apparently the friend of the Kochs has never had an original idea of any kind, & is content to re-spew 50+ yrs. of crypto-fascist non-think come Sunday a.m.
When Raddatz asked, “What would you do about the 11 million undocumented who are still here?,” Walker responded, “We for sure need to secure the border. I think we need to enforce the legal system. I’m not for amnesty, I’m not an advocate of the plans that have been pushed here in Washington… we need to find a way for people to have a legitimate legal immigration system in this country, and that doesn’t mean amnesty.”

Wow…how is it possible that nobody else has thought of securing the border? This is a new and bold idea.

And while he bravely suggested that we need to ‘find a way for people to have a legitimate legal immigration system in this country,” the whole idea of having bold, fresh and new ideas is to actually propose these big solutions—not remind us that “somebody” needs to “find a way.”

While the Wisconsin Governor obviously had absolutely nothing new to offer beyond what we’ve heard over and over and over again from his fellow Republicans, there was, in fact, something new in what Walker had to say—like an entirely new personal perspective on immigration.

While speaking with the Wausau, Wisconsin Daily Herald editorial board in 2013, the Governor suggested that there was “a saner way to let people into the country” rather than focusing on border security.

Said the Governor, “It’s all is about the 11 million. You hear some people talk about border security and a wall and all that. To me, I don’t know that you need any of that if you had a better, saner way to let people into the country in the first place” (emphasis added).

I guess Walker’s idea of a big and bold new idea is to simply turn tail on what he previously said when his previous position turns out to be offensive to the Republican base.

Here is the reality—as I’ve been saying for longer than I can remember, Scott Walker is a mediocre county executive who has risen far beyond his talents.

The very notion that he brings the gravitas and talent required to assume the mantle of the President of the United States and leader of the Free World reveals just how low the expectations of many Americans have fallen.
Philosophy resumes: They never fucking stop do they?

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