Thursday, January 1, 2015

Tigershark & Talon

The F-20 Tigershark prototype on display at the Science Center is the last one in existence.
The other two F-20 prototypes crashed during world sales tours,
but aircraft malfunction was not determined to be the cause of either crash.

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mikey said...

The T-38 was a beautiful airplane, fast and maneuverable, two seat, twin engine. Pretty much the perfect light trainer/fighter, supersonic, 22KFPM rate of climb, ridiculous roll rate, high wing loading. At Top Gun they have been using them as aggressors for years, because they are fast and maneuverable and cheap, and represent the kind of fighters you might encounter in second-tier air forces.

Lately replaced by F-5s, which makes sense because the designs are similar, and the performance is better, but you gotta admit that one of the number one perks of being an astronaut is getting to horse a T-38 around the Texas sky for 20 hours a month on the taxpayer's dime...