Sunday, January 18, 2015

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... to break the photographic monotony.

Mmmm ... maybe just never mind, not as if I've anything to type, & (Believe it or shove it!) there's little idle spew here. Droningly dull & mindlessly repetitive, abso-fugging-lutely, but seldom idle.

Maybe fan mail from some floundera blockquote from some idiot:
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that he’s seriously exploring a bid for the Republican presidential nomination, Politico reports.

Graham said he is not polling yet “but we set up a testing-the-waters committee under the IRS code that will allow me to look beyond South Carolina as to whether or not a guy like Lindsey Graham has a viable path.”
It is this reporter's opinion that anyone as delusion as the sad sack Senator should not be allowed anywhere near any launch codes.

This guy shouldn't be allowed near anything but the salad bar. The culture of the South? It started continues & ends w/ slavery, not chivalry! Those two words are not synonymous, crackers!
So that's the point. If you're very concerned about what happens with your children, and the Obamas are. They're great parents. They're careful about making sure their kids get a lot of vegetables and eat right. That's terrific. But what you put in your brain is also important as well as what you put into your body and that was my point based on what the president, himself, said.

So, I think if people read the chapter they see that it's about this cultural divide, the disconnect between the three bubbles of New York, D.C. and Hollywood versus the land of God, guns, grits and gravy, that's where the title comes from.

RADDATZ: And the bubble land.

You also said, quickly, governor. You said something in a New Republic interview that caught my eye. You said I've run twice against women opponents and it's a very different kind of approach for those of us who have some chivalry left there's a level of respect to treat some things as a special treasure, you treat other things as common.

What do you mean specifically by that?

HUCKABEE: Well, I just mean that you always want to be respectful. You want to treat everyone with respect. But in the culture of the south, the culture that I grew up with, I think chivalry is still alive. There's a sense of that you pay a great deal of respect and you don't come across as a bully.

RADDATZ: So, you'd run differently against Joe Biden...

HUCKABEE: ...because it's not my nature to be a bully.

RADDATZ: So you'd run differently against a Joe Biden and a Hillary Clinton?

HUCKABEE: I don't know, it depends on what kind of campaign they were running.

It's not an issue of sexism, it's an issue of simply understanding that every opponent, whether it's a male, a female, whether they're from the northeast or from the southwest, everybody has different nuances, and you always have to -- because I've been in a lot of races. I've been in politics for 25 years. I've run a lot of races as lieutenant governor, for U.S. Senate, for governor two different times and for president.

So, in every race you have to assess what are the dynamics of this race.

RADDATZ: And it looks like you've given that a lot of thought.

Governor Huckabee, thanks so much for joining us.

HUCKABEE: Martha, thank you. Great to be with you today.
Can. Not. Wait. I hope every last one of these currently wallet teasing repugnant toads go on to throw his (Or her? Yeah, hold your breath.) Klan hood in the circus ring & do their worst to move far to the right of the other drones. Decline & falling down down down down down ...

SEAHAWKS WIN!! SEAHAWKS WIN!! Quite a game, but justice was rendered.

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