Thursday, January 1, 2015

Testing Testing ...

Was going to link to many (Equally: Just about any.) an example of Grand Old Party idiocy, generalized hatred, sexism, racism, fascism & theocracy & then use "no jury would convict me" as rationale for a firm resolve to assassinate a Republican office-holder for the New Yr. (Whaddya think about that, F.B.I. & other agencies dedicated to the security of the U.S. Gov't. & certain corporate interests over & against the American people, will a Special Agent shoot me like a scaredy-cop when I'm being "interviewed"?)

But really, is it worth the bother? It's obvious from a century or so of the American Experience that nothing short of murder will stop the incessant & incessantly wrong spew. Nor, apparently, does anything spewed here make a dime's worth of difference, so until I pawn the camera & get something else w/ which to shoot, pictures!
Downtown L.A. over the eastern U.S.C. campus.

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