Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Maybe Hitler & Marx Were Right After All

Today in criminal threats from Web Of Evil: Jamie Dimon might think about not conforming to stereotypes & putting a check on his filthy greed & whining while he's still alive to bitch & moan about nothing, as he does, because I'll "assault" his sorry criminal ass into the next damn dimension if he has the guts to show his face in my part of the planet. (Easy threat because parasitical rent-seekers seldom have the nerve to show among the people, most of whom who lust for the blood of capitalists.)
Jamie Dimon, grappling with multibillion-dollar legal costs and rising capital requirements at JPMorgan Chase & Co., lashed out at U.S. regulators for putting his bank “under assault.”

“We have five or six regulators or people coming after us on every different issue,” Dimon, 58, said today on a call with reporters after New York-based JPMorgan reported fourth-quarter results. “It’s a hard thing to deal with.”
Really, am I expected to let rancid puke who's never worked a day in his life Jamie Dimon (Sissy name, innit? A fifty-eight-yr. old man who calls himself "Jamie" as if he were a fifteen-yr.-old girl? Get a shrink, stat!) assault my fucking ears & sensibilities every time he opens his yap? I have rights too!! (And the urge to kill!)

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