Friday, January 2, 2015

FUCK YOU, & Your Gov'ts. Too!!

To the streets, sheep, w/ arms! This bloviator hasn't the slightest idea what these Euros are for or against; we stand firmly for nothing beyond protesting anything & everything & tearing shit up. Throw some cobblestones like it's 1848!
Also in Europe, related or not, fucking Krauts:
In both Greece and Spain, much of the public has turned against the politics of austerity and the mainstream political parties that enacted them.
In both nations, new parties of the left—Syriza in Greece, Podemos in Spain—lead in the polls. With this week’s dissolution of Greece’s parliament and new elections set for January 25, it’s entirely possible that Syriza will come to power on a platform of negotiating debt reductions to the country’s creditors and restoring some governmental programs and economic investment. If the European Union refuses such proposals, it’s also possible that Greece will drop the euro as its currency.

The policies that the European Union—that is, Germany—has imposed on southern Europe run counter to every lesson history teaches us about how to counter a prolonged economic crisis. In the 1930s, Franklin Roosevelt devised the New Deal not merely to counter the Depression’s effects but specifically to bolster what was then the underdeveloped economy of the American South and Southwest. His remedies extended beyond such successful stimulus programs as the Works Progress Administration, which gave millions of Americans jobs building needed public infrastructure. His policies also were crafted to bring the Southern economy into the 20th century through such programs as the Tennessee Valley Authority and rural electrification. The Jeffersonian anti-statism of today’s South notwithstanding, it was the New Deal and postwar military spending, as well as minimum wage and civil rights legislation, that enabled the Southern economy to catch up with the rest of the nation.

A similar understanding of the economics of depression and under-development could have yielded more successful economic outcomes in the European south over the past few years. German Chancellor Angela Merkel also could have learned a lesson closer to home: It was the austerity policies enacted by Chancellor Heinrich Brüning in the early 1930s that plunged Germany deeper into depression and paved the way for the Nazi takeover. Say this for the German misunderstanding of macroeconomics: It’s consistent.
Alleged New Yr., same crap (This crap of Merkel & her friends goes back the eighty yrs. of a fortunate human's lifetime; hasn't that been a large enough chunk of eternity to prove it's bullshit?) on the same plate.

Once I believed that no truly intelligent person could be bored, that only morons needed non-stop stimulus & amusement, but after seeing & hearing all this so many times I can officially announce I am jaded beyond human understanding, & don't understand how humanoids can do & say the same crap the same way, every day for an eternity of ennui.

Or how I can continue. Happy New Year!

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Weird Dave said...

Would that Americans cared* as much...

*Many actually do but I'm afraid not nearly enough.