Thursday, January 15, 2015

"Craziness Narrative"?
Physician Heal Thyself!

Who ya gonna believe, Dr. Ben Carson, or your lying ears?
Carson preemptively blamed the media for any controversy his remarks might create, telling the gathering of Republicans that journalists were trying to create a “craziness narrative.”
Nope, no one implying this standard issue load of reactionary resentment & paranoia could possibly be delusional.
“I will confess," he added. "I do not have experience in certain things, like empowering special interest groups, and growing the government, and wasting taxpayers' money, and dishonoring our military, and deserting our allies, and lying to the people and submitting to the PC police. I have no experience in that and I hope to never have any experience in that.”
No, not crazy at all. Just fucking stupid. Run Ben run!

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