Friday, January 16, 2015

Asking For It, Really

Sitting in a Rolls-Royce? Some nerve. Interesting to this reporter in that, having lived w/in four blks. of it for about a third of my local existence I knew precisely where this was the moment I saw it: Just north of Fire Station 41 in the city parking lot
that occupies the former Pacific Electric streetcar roadbed that ran from the end of the line at Hollywood & La Brea to Santa Monica & Fairfax.

This is also Hugh Grant territory (actual arrest was a few blks. west) 'though I think the sidewalk hostess is gone from these mean streets, at least until the iNternet collapses. Could have been Meltdown customers disagreeing over comics & collectibles too.

As we go to press, late breaking news from the Times:
The shooting happened about 8:40 p.m. when a man riding a bike shot at a car in the area of Sunset Boulevard and North Gardner Street, police said.

One victim was taken to a hospital. The person's condition is unknown.

Police said onlookers detained a person a few blocks away, but it was unclear if that person was the shooter.
Fucking vigilantes. WEB OF EVIL's sympathies are almost invariably w/ a bicyclist over an air-polluter, esp. an obviously compensating polluter.

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