Friday, October 24, 2014

Anything But Temptation

Hey, would you fools on telebision please stop reminding me just how easy it is to get my itchy trigger finger on a gun in this country?

Because I have an issue w/ all 535 Members of Congress, who have been committing economic terrorism against the retired & disabled since the dawn of time.
This year's increase was 1.5 percent, the year before it was 1.7 percent.

"While any increase is better than no increase, the fact of the matter is that for millions of seniors, retirees and federal employees, these annual increases will be gone before most even receive them," said J. David Cox, national president of the American Federation of Government Employees.
Let's see our representatives retire on US$1,192.00/mo. Let's just see them retired on nothing, which is about what they were worth when they were holding office.

Hell, I'd to see them all on their knees before me begging for mercy while I wave my All-American equalizer in their frightened faces. Pigs.

ADDED: The clowns on the L.A. City Council have some explaining to do as well. (I knew there was a reason I didn't vote for that shithead tool of the parasites Mitch O'Farrell.) Also at the point of a gun!

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