Friday, September 19, 2014

Knee Slapper Of The Wk.

"Wk." because it happened three days ago, whatever day that was. From the fetid comment swamp 'neath an NRO "Huckabee's not a real glibertarian Christian" ("He’s more of a liberal Christian populist than a limited-government conservative.") screed, a rib-tickler I hadn't heard before.
For one thing, he's Catholic, which means there's two millennia of the world's most distinguished philosophy behind his beliefs, which cannot be said for Huckster and his fellow televangelistas. However, Santorum is also something of a naif, and has found ways to spoil his own chances. Too bad, really, but he's not quite presidential candidate material.
Left unspoken is that Rick is not quite actual President material.

But back to the "world's most distinguished philosophy":
The Catholic Church does indeed have a vast history of great theological and philosophical minds working on Her behalf. But it is a great mistake to think that Santorum partakes in that legacy in any way.
What's most frightening is that these people appear literate & typo-free. (Except calling the church "Her.") You might encounter them in meatspace & not even realize they were so inane, insane & potentially dangerous.

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