Sunday, September 14, 2014

G-d Is Not Your Friend

He doesn't even really like you:

At least 44 dead in Nigeria church building collapse, official says

And why should he, you're moronic assholes:
The rescue operation was delayed by the refusal of members of the church to allow emergency workers from NEMA access to the collapsed building.

"The church members were very aggressive and tried attacking emergency responders," Farinloye said.

Reporters covering the incident were attacked by angry church members, who vandalized a TV camera as a cameraman tried to capture footage of the collapsed building, reporters at the scene said.

Joshua told Nigerian newspapers Sunday that a low-flying aircraft had been repeatedly circling the building and may have been responsible for the building collapse.

NEMA's Facebook page acknowledged the sabotage reports but also noted that two stories were being added to the building without fortifying the foundation of the initial structure. There is a "high probability" this is what caused the collapse, NEMA said, adding that an investigation will ultimately determine the cause.
We thought every one had a friend in Jesus, yet infamous balding neck-bearded (More proof Gawd hates his ass!) religion-swapper Ross Douthat claims this isn't so:

The Middle East’s Friendless Christians

Jesus fucking Christ (so to speak) you little shit, the tables have turned, the shoe is on the other foot, & the most persecuting religion ever has become the "most persecuted" (Yeah, I bet it is.) & deservedly so. Cast that fucking beam out of your eye there, Ross!

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