Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fingers Crossed, Ears Open

Although alternating current in the WEB OF EVIL 'hood is more likely to go when it rains (or when some sumbitch cutting branches drops a few on the Dep't. of Water & Power lines, as happened recently) than during a heat wave, this is a helluva heat wave. Just dared the outside now the sun's down, took out the trash & saw a box that had until very recently contained a brand new box fan in the dumpster. More demand.

Remembering that at the croaker's office in Santa Monica yesterday the overhead fluorescent lighting kept flickering, & once went out completely, noting that 1,200 customers are w/o power in NoHo, & reading another local on the iNternet complaining that his juice was intermittent, I figured it was only a matter of time until a transformer explodes around here & everything goes, but why bother anticipating agony? (Why not, also.) Now it appears inevitable, as I can hear the fans slow when the voltage drops.

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