Thursday, January 2, 2014

Your Bosses Will Work You 'Til You're In Your Graves

Note well, idiots: I knew this 30+ yrs. ago, & tried to point it out.
A sizable chunk of the adult population is going to punch a clock until they keel-over in the office parking lot and get hauled off in the company dumpster. And those are the lucky ones, the so called baby boomers. By the time we get to the millennials it’ll be even worse because the economy will have been ravaged by 25 or 30 years of austerity leaving the proles to scrape by on hardtack and gruel. Pensions are already being looted, Social Security is under fire, and any small stipend that supports the poor, the unemployed, or the infirm is going to be terminated.
(This will be true only for the few who have jobs. Haw haw haw. In a democracy, you get what you deserve. [Or do you deserve what you get?] And in a phony democracy of morons too dense to recognize the con, you really get what your denial deserves.)

Did anyone listen in 1982 or '83 or even '84? Of course not.See if I waste any more pearls before your species. Last warning:We're tired of being a one-trick pony; we try not to wallow in the absolute & utter contempt almost any note of human activity causes to rise w/in us but son of a fucking bitch what in hell is the matter w/ you people?* You all so deserve everything you get from your owners. Running dogs of the imperialists nothing, you are all their whipped curs.
*Alternate take: AAAAAAAHHH!!! SON OF A FUCKING BITCH WHAT IN FUCKING HELL IS WRONG W/ YOU USELESS FUCKING JERKS? [turns to loudly incoherent moaning & wailing punctuated by screeching & gibbering]

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