Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kinder, Küche, Kirche

Or, Faith, Family, Freedom. (Freedom: Not in any way compatible w/ faith or family.) Family Research Council President Tony Perkins mouths off in front of fascist HQ. (We'll bet that Gothic tribute to Hitler above the door is as plastic & phony as Mr. Perkins.)
By the way Mr. Josh "Premium Member Money-grubber" Marshall, you can make it more difficult to appropriate images from your Toilet Paper Memo, but you can't stop us. (Why you bother when it isn't even your damn picture to begin w/ is further indication of what a dick you are.) Indeed, it just makes us want to fuck w/ you even more, jerk.

P.S.: What a stupid concept: "Here are pictures of some of the major jerks in the GOP 'Civil War,' w/ a line or two about what they've done/said." Dumb dumb dumb.

Police Beat-Off

Every cop is a criminal ... as well as the ex-cops. We note that another Southern California law-enforcement agency has decided (SLA-style) to burn out a suspect rather than let him have a day in court or any sort of public forum about his grievances against the LAPD.

Well, it was nice to have the fucking pigs nervous for a while. And we saw the police when threatened. Like fucking animals they strike out (by emptying their weapons in the general direction of anyone or anything that scares them, although w/o much accuracy) including women in a pick-up truck. Or guys (w/ no resemblance to the description of the suspect) who happened to be driving a pick-up truck. Disarm them now!

Also amusing (in a horrible way): The Sheriff of San Bernardino County is also the county coroner. Wonder how many law enforcement ossifers in San Berdoo have gotten away w/ murdering alleged criminal perpetrators w/o justification? A lot? Probably.

Also sick & tired of hearing sanctimonious crap about dead cops. You live by the gun, you die by the gun, so kwitcher bitchin', pin-dicked compensating fascist sissies.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Good Riddance To Bad Wretch

The wretch would be Pope Benedict XVI.
We've found that color reversal also gives quite an insight into the raw evil of his Popiness.
Pope Dracul performing an ancient ritual of evil.
Placing a gypsy curse on someone, we'd guess.
Jesus what a creepy old wretch! Hope he's dead before he gets to hide in his cloistered monastery inside the Vatican. Does the United Snakes have an extradition treaty w/ the Holy See?

"Good Guys" W/ Guns Shot:
How'd That Happen?

Two dead (+ shooter) in Wilmington, Del. courthouse shooting.
Police have confirmed that the shooting is related to an ongoing child custody dispute case that has been played out in Delaware courts for years.

Five years ago, Belford's former husband kidnapped their three children and fled to Central America. He was later caught and sentenced to four years in prison.

Police are not identifying the gunman yet, saying only that he is a white male in his 50's or 60's.
And how much will you bet that the shooter was a law-abiding citizen or, if he was the convicted kidnapper, the "good guys w/ guns" apparently didn't have the will or common sense to relieve him of his weapons after his conviction?
Police say the two injured officers, a 42-year-old 7-year veteran and a 50-year-old 1-year veteran, were shot in an exchange with the gunman. Luckily, the officers were both struck in their bullet proof vests and are in good condition.
Fuck this shit. Maybe, rather than everyone having weapons everywhere all the time (Because it doesn't look like the "good guy w/ a gun" can even keep himself safe.) we could just issue bullet-proof vests to every American who leaves her or his house on a regular basis.

Morbid Music

LittleNothing to add, but in passing we'll note another 50 yrs. ago today moment, this one tragic: Sylvia Plath stuffing her head in the oven & turning on the gas. If you give a shit 50 yrs. later you can use the Google.Honest, we didn't figure on using these two tunes when we started, but they were sooooo obvious we couldn't resist.

So Long, Nazi Pervert-Pope

Ratzo's covering up of child-raping priests or the scandal of his private secretary must have made his life-time contract easier to break.

A gawd-damn sickening wretch, & we can only hope he dies in just a fraction of the pain & anguish his church has caused for millions of people (Mostly women & children; funny how that works, the weakest getting fucked in every sense of the word by the patriarchal & hierarchic church of the Roman Empire.) across the world.

Gun Safety

Be careful out there.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

F*ck Censorship

War in Context types:
The Israel lobby made sure that this Saturday Night Live sketch on the Chuck Hagel hearings was dropped from the show …

Well, maybe the lobby didn’t need to intervene. More likely, the show’s writers had to reconcile themselves to the fact that their audience doesn’t pay too much attention to what happens in the U.S. Senate. It’s hard to satirize a particular form of behavior — in this case, shameless displays of slavish adoration of Israel — if the people who need to get the joke are ignorant about the thing being mocked. Still, thanks to SNL for giving it a shot.

"If you really  loved me ..."

Hint, hint.
Photo of Ziggy and his bacon rosettes courtesy of MyLastBite
Unexpected ingredients: Hammer and nail.

Accidental Goatse

A big surprise.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

50 Yrs. Ago

Lotta stuff happened in 1963. Lotta stuff vaguely interesting/meaningful to this reporter. And this crap:50 yrs. later they are 50% dead.

Put A Sock In It Already

++tiresome ... Monica Crowley brings the fear: Never before in all of American history (including, we suppose, the Civil War) has it been this serious! Debt! The very life of America!! Not Jimmy Carter, not Bill Clinton, but worser. Only House Republicans (Oh band of brothers yada.) stand between Barack Obama's socialist agenda & the Constitution. Do you hear? The life of America as we knew it!!

The same inanity, getting more tired & foolish every time we hear it, i.e., every single day. But they should keep crying wolf. When a socialist wolf finally shows up (It's a dialectic inevitability!) not even low-info voters will believe the skree.Oh, almost forgot. '90s Jennifer Aniston called; she said she wants that hair-do back.

70 Yrs. Ago: Victory On Guadalcanal

Also Beatles & Tail-Gunner Joe.Happening now:Yup, police officer, lieutenant in the Naval Reserve, just the kind of "law-abiding citizen" you'd want to have guns, & plenty of them.We're enjoying the shoe being on the other foot, as the police quake in fear & demonstrate again how poorly-trained & trigger-happy they are.

Moon² & Tree

Does Not Equal

Great rug. Host Porter Wagoner in the buckskin jacket. Note sponsor.

Friday, February 8, 2013

More Hateful Than Hater

Next time one of L. Brent Bozell III's prigs at NewsBusters has a fit in re: just about anything concerning the coarseness of the culture, remember this:
So, is Brent Bozell a "hater"? Oh heavens, yes. In case you aren't familiar with him, Bozell may well be Washington's angriest man, and one of the least effective spokespeople Republicans could find for their cause. His face twisted into a perpetual sneer,
Perpetual sneer.
Bozell appears regularly in conservative media to decry liberal media bias in anything and everything. His organization, the Media Research Center, spends its time upbraiding news outlets for every statement of fact that is uncongenial to conservatives and breathlessly exposing liberal opinion writers for expressing liberal opinions.

There are plenty of prominent conservatives in Washington who are very nice people, but Bozell is most definitely not among them. With one or two exceptions (Bill Donohue of the Catholic League comes to mind), there's almost no one in public life more consumed by hate than Bozell. He positively vibrates with hate. I had my own encounter with him in 2004, when we appeared on "The O'Reilly Factor" and had what I thought was a perfectly run-of-the-mill disagreement about the presidential race; afterward he stormed into the greenroom, shouted that John Kerry and I were both liars, and when I asked him (politely and calmly, I assure you) what specifically he was referring to, he sputtered, "Uh ... fuck you!" and stormed out.
Wonder if ol' L. Brent III has any shootin' irons. 'Cause it would be irresponsible not to speculate. Public safety & all.

More on the War Between the Grifts. (War of Establishment Aggression?) The letter. Also this big furry schmuck, who is saddened thatthe "big sites" of the New Reactionary Media "are all suspect."
Read the article. Am I crazy or is the editor of this piece mocking Levin and standing up for establishment kingmaker Karl Rove?

Are there any big sites that aren’t dismissive of conservatives and the TEA Party?

We are in trouble.

UPDATE: No reading between the lines necessary. The Daily Caller has laid it on the line -

Mark Levin has signed a clown letter that embarrasses clowns.


The DC Caller is not only having trouble with the TEA Party, but they are having trouble identifying the left from the right. Why would anyone on the right hold up Ron Jr. as someone immune from attack, legacy or not? It’s a clown analogy that embarrasses clowns.

The only big site worth going to is American Thinker. The rest are all suspect as far as I’m concerned.
Gee, they really are out to get you, aren't they?

Computerized Communications Console

Men only. It's a Philco.The future, Walter?Dinner from punch cards. (If only!)"That area, over there."

Inane Drooler Of The Day

Chronic Organic Brain Syndrome? Catholicism? Is one necessary for the other?Either way, Alan Keyes is as bugfuck delusional/psychotic as they come. We can only hope he doesn't have weapons.

Police Terror Up-Date

Do not drive too close to the Police Academy if you value your life.
Photo by Echo Park resident
We value our life enough that we aren't going anywhere. If you thought the heat were jumpy before ...

Consumer Round-Up

Conservatives are contemptible, aren't they? We suppose it's not really their fault; every time we turn around another study suggests they are psychologically, mentally & physically deficient,* from their tribalism & unquestioning worship of authority to the enlarged amygdalas that make them quiver in fear of virtually everything, especially the new & different, said fear being what makes them so fucking gullible.

The latest example of unthinking dumbfuckery that (again) has us ready to kill? "Name" brands. The brain-dead like 'em.
Newly published research provides a compelling answer: brand-name products. Conservatives gravitate toward them, and Walmart, unlike Trader Joe’s, is packed with them.

That provocative conclusion can be drawn from a study in the journal Psychological Science. A research team led by Vishal Singh of New York University’s Stern School of Business has discovered a relationship between voting behavior, high levels of religiosity, and “seemingly inconsequential product choices.”

They argue that your decision to vote for a certain candidate, and purchase a particular brand of detergent, springs from the same basic impulse:
You're a fucking cretin.
*Yes, we're preparing a manifesto that will objectively demonstrate that conservatives are not nearly as advanced & developed as normal people, & that, as nature itself has made them incapable of benefiting from FEMA reëducation camps, another solution to the problem of these dangerous armed paranoids among us must be found. Any suggestions?

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Deep thoughts from someone who wouldn't call herself an activist. Really, she wouldn't.
Trotter herself seems surprised by all the attention. “I would not call myself a political activist,” she tells The Daily Beast. “I’m just very interested in our liberties under the Constitution.”
Trotter being the anti-feminist who told a Congressional hearing that she wants a scary-looking gun w/ which to defend her "babies."
Trotter speaks to committee. At right, Wayne LaPierre.
The 41-year-old is a mother of six and a partner in the law firm she and her father built. She has written for a few blogs, including the now defunct Christian-themed Evangel. She’s a senior fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum, a nonprofit research group whose mission is to “expand the conservative coalition.”
Whenever we at Just Another Blog (From L.A.)™ hear the phrase "nonprofit research group" we reach for our revolvers. Same deal when we see this much boiler-plate strung together.
She also defended her testimony further in an email, writing, “I am an unapologetically liberty-loving, tyranny-hating, red-blooded, patriotic American woman, a lawyer who is proud to say that the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the founding charters of freedom and that government of the people, for the people and by the people is here to stay.”
That is senior fellow-worthy blah blah yada yada if we've ever read any. And what exactly does redbloodedness have to do w/, well, anything, really? Are green-blooded, patriotic American woman not as patriotic as the red-blooded variety?

That's Who Else!

See a couple items down.

Inmates Grab For Asylum Control

Ah, the Great Rift of 2013 looks to be underway at last, if this from the Daily Tucker is any indication.

We present the report from the front in its entirety, bolded here & there for those who, like us, have slightly better things to do w/ our valuable time than review this internecine tripe. But once we'd seen the headline
we had to understand the context. The proprietor of a reactionary website devoted to stoking fear & outrage among resentful Catholics, ethnic Democrats & other white cast-offs of the Great Society is indeed critically important to some revisions of history.
TheDC chose the picture. Wasn't us.
A group of conservative leaders has signed an irate letter demanding that a Republican political consultant be fired for calling the relatively undistinguished scion of a prominent political family a “hater.”

Jonathan Collegio, a spokesman for the Karl Rove-affiliated political action committee American Crossroads, used the epithet when discussing L. Brent Bozell, the nephew of former Sen. James Buckley and deceased National Review founder William F. Buckley, during an appearance on a local radio show Wednesday.

The letter, which is being circulated by the Washington, D.C. based public relations shop Shirley & Banister, calls Bozell “a beloved and critically important player in American history.”

Bozell is known through his Media Research Center blog, occasional appearances on television and trademark bright-red beard.

“On behalf of the conservative movement, we are demanding you terminate Mr. Collegio,” the letter, sent to American Crossroads President Steven Law, reads. “An apology is not acceptable.”

The letter also implicitly argues that Bozell should not be criticized, simply because many members of his family were important conservative figures at one point.

“Mr. Bozell is what we call in our movement a ‘legacy,’” it reads. “He has devoted his life to the cause of American conservatism* as did his father, Brent Bozell II, who wrote ‘Conscience of a Conservative’ for Barry Goldwater.”

“Maybe you’ve heard of Brent’s uncle, Bill Buckley, whose words you misquote and twist as the basis for your organization enough to falsely suggest you know something about him,” it continues. “You may have heard of his other uncle, Jim Buckley, a former U.S. Senator, or Brent’s mother, Patricia Buckley Bozell—both important figures and writers in our conservative movement.”

“Ronald Reagan often saluted the contributions of the Bozell and Buckley families to the cause of American conservatism,” it says.

After celebrating Bozell’s political connections and genetic pedigree for several paragraphs, the letter then turns its attention to Collegio, who is mocked for using “the language of the establishment Republicans.”

“You obviously mean to have a war with conservatives and the Tea Party,” the letter reads, referring to Collegio and his group. “Let it start here.”

The letter is signed by radio host Mark Levin, Reagan biographer Craig Shirley and Daily Caller contributor Ginni Thomas, among others. Bozell did not respond to TheDC’s request for comment.
"Beloved," too, not merely a "critically important" playa. Hard to imagine whiny scold L. Brent as beloved; we can conceive of him as a playa, ah-iight, just not in American history beyond the obvious use as a peripheral bad example.
*Has never worked a day in his life, has never met a payroll, & because the free market doesn't have a penny for the Media Research Center or the sanctimonious unemployable-in-the-real-world-of-profit-&-loss weasels employed there, he is almost entirely dependent on the largesse of corporate & individual money-grubbers.

Obviously Local Action

A local thing, it appears.
Photo by Jessica P. Ogilvie/LAist.com
We've been trolling the internet trying to figure out more about these brilliant renderings, but the artist behind them remains a mystery for now.
via @adayinthelifeofeve

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Foundational Issues

TheDC grasps at the weak-on-defense "according to some defense analysts" straw. The headline-promised "experts" are actually one self- (or Daily Caller-)proclaimed "defense expert at the Heritage Foundation."
Foundation-wise, we assume the purpose of the Daily Caller News Foundation is training uncritical youth to record Heritage Foundation talking points & type them into something Internet-usable. Good job then, Robby Soave!
Deficit? "Washington's huge spending quote-unquote problem?" Waste fraud & abuse, to coin another phrase? Hah!! Not applicable to the Defense Dep't. Darn those torpedoes & full speed ahead!
Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel, whose confirmation hearings began Thursday, is expected to preside over a gradual decline in funding for the armed services. This is the wrong approach, Slattery said.

“The Secretary of Defense should be clearly stating what US national security strategy is, and what it will take to implement that strategy, not, ‘this is how much money we have so these are the things we are going to do with that money,’” he said.
Not to mention that some say they are very worried about threats to their budgets, & are writing strongly-worded letters.
A recent letter from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to Congress put the matter in no uncertain terms.

“The readiness of our armed forces is at a tipping point. We are on the brink of creating a hollow force.”
Below: Severely cropped image of a fraction of somebody's tax dollars at work in the service of BigGargantuan Oil & al.
FILE - 12 Nov. 2011: Nimitz-class aircraft carrier
USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) transits the Straits of Hormuz.
(Petty Officer 3rd Class Kenneth Abbate/U.S. Navy, file via AP.)

Sunday, February 3, 2013



Besides the surfing, The Coast is also the most because this mess
Why they fight: The Lombardi Trophy.
will (fingers crossed, knocking on wood) be over by 1900PST or so & we'll be able to get on w/ our lives.

BLACK-OUT UP-DATE (1755PST): Whoa! Typed too soon; 1900 is optimistic now. Also: Can't be random &/or accidental. Terrorism?

Morbid Motherly Up-Date

Nice to see that all five beneficiaries of the Zappa Family Trust are on the NRA's enemies list.

In related news, not at all nice to see that one-time Mother of Invention & Jet (of Ruben & the Jets) Euclid James "Motorhead/Motorishi" Sherwood died Xmas day 2011. Yes, 2011.
We knew nothing until we discovered that another Jet, Tony Duran (also played slide in post-Mothers F.Z. combos) who had been in one version or another of The Premiers, died the wk. before Motorhead.

We'd known Jim since June 1969, when we ran into him on a street in Paris. In L.A. we'd see him at rock'n'roll Ralphs, until sometime in the '70s or '80s when he made the "quit show biz (for awhile)" move & returned to the Antelope Valley to do something aesthetic/craftsy. We can't fucking remember what, may've been woodcarving.

If we kept up w/ Rolling Stone (as if it were still 1969) we might've seen their obit, which quotes the F.Z. biographical paragraph by which Jim will be remembered for however long anything/anyone is remembered.
Euclid James 'Motorhead' Sherwood I've known for 12 years. We were in high school in Lancaster together. He used to play baritone sax in the Omens. He has the ability to perform a dance known as the bug, which resembles an epileptic fit. He's one of those guys you say, "I know this guy who's really weird and I want to show him to you." He was our equipment handler for a while and when we started the atrocities we started handing him our instruments to see what would happen. He played things more imaginative than the proficient musicians could lay down. It was just him against the machine in his mouth, a saxophone. He is also very proficient at dolls and visual aids.
RS also called him "madcap."
Photo: Petra Niemeier - K & K/Redferns, 1967.
Counterclockwise Tony Duran (circled), Motorhead, "Buffalo Bob" Roberts, tenor player & the 42nd most influential tattoo artist, & bassist Bill Wild, on the first Ruben & The Jets album, For Real!
This reporter was in L.A. the spring of 1973 & attended some of the sessions for the album, at Paramount Recording on Santa Monica, east of Vine. It's still there, although Gold Star across the street has been a fucking mall since 1984.

Here Motorhead does some breathing exercises.We can only suppose that from here on it'll be double-obituary days, but yrs. late.

Citation needed indeed: Sherwood graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston[citation needed]. News to us.

Go 'Way, Ray!

Bored beyond limp by plea-bargained murderer/Bawlmer Raven Ray Lewis & his fucking story. Get off the nat'l. stage, you fuck, & Go 'Niners!!

Should the 49ers win, would this be the first time a city has held the world baseball & American football championships simultaneously?

Never Forget

It can't happen here.
On the one hand, the United States aggressively tried some of them at Nuremberg, and deported others like Demjanjuk, who had acquired U.S. visas by fraud, granting extradition rights to those countries who wanted to try them. On the other hand, the United States hired, used, and protected several thousand Nazi war criminals and collaborators for scientific and espionage purposes. The use and shielding of these criminals for more than 50 years was and is a massive obstruction of Holocaust justice.


Also included on the list of “nations” that collaborated with Nazi genocide is the Catholic Church. Not only did local churches in Croatia, France, Slovakia, and other countries actively support the Nazi regime, the Vatican itself failed to use its authority over those churches to stop the collaboration in a timely, decisive, and effective way. The Vatican also silently condoned the activities of priests and bishops living in Rome who helped Catholic war criminals escape to South America and the Middle East on what has become known as the Vatican ratline.
Not in a million yrs.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Accident Scene

Skull & Bones

Good day for pix.

Blue Note 1524

This is at least semi-wild.Kenny Dorham (trumpet); Kenny Burrell (guitar); J.R. Monterose (tenor saxophone); Bobby Timmons (piano); Sam Jones (bass); Arthur Edgehill (drums). Cafe Bohemia, New York, NY, 31 May 1956.
Never heard of any of these cats ('cept Kenny Burrell, natch, who comes in in the middle to whiten things up a little).

Worse Sign

Just wks. ago:

Friday, February 1, 2013

Arkansas Story

More on the morons of Arkansas.Crackers, please! Somethin' ain't right down there; check your fucking drinking water before it's too late.

And now must we stop our Verizon service & explain why in a threatening letter? (Those cell towers have trouble resisting gravity, you know.) Could be.

Evidence Base

Know Your Enemy

The face & voice of hate:
"I hear you loud and clear, Barack Obama. You don't represent the country that I grew up with. And your values is not going to save us. We're going to take this country back for the Lord. We're going to try to take this country back for conservatism. And we're not going to allow minorities to run roughshod over what you people believe in!"
-- Arkansas state Sen. Jason Rapert (R), at a Tea Party rally in Arkansas.
Political Wire & The Nation.

February First Friday Night
Musical Selection

Fun while lip-synching.
This is what Sarah Palin thinks the Battle of Lexington looked like.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Threat Level

Majority Say Government
Threatens Personal Freedoms

A new Pew Research survey finds "trust in the federal government remains mired near a historic low, while frustration with government remains high. And for the first time, a majority of the public says that the federal government threatens their personal rights and freedoms.

"The poll found shows [sic] "that 53% think that the federal government threatens their own personal rights and freedoms while 43% disagree."
Name. Just. One.

Relativity Report

Apparently once one is over the hill & picking up speed in the race to the bottom time passes faster as well. Already the first mo. of the new yr. is behind us, & we barely noticed it whipping by.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Two Faces, One Patriot

©Nick Anderson

Theme Song

That synthesizer really isn't improving things.
[Another that didn't leave draft stage, from 19 January.]

Out Of Afghanistan & Into
The African Frying Pan

A reminder that the work of empire is never done.
For now, officials say they envision flying only unarmed surveillance drones from the base, though they have not ruled out conducting missile strikes at some point if the threat worsens.
Last June, a Washington Post report noted that: conventional aircraft hold two big advantages over drones: They are cheaper to operate and far less likely to draw attention because they are so similar to the planes used throughout Africa.

Law-Abiding Citizen
Thwarts "Home Invasion"

Friends said Sailors pointed
the gun at the car and shot
Rodrigo Diaz, 22, the driver.
Wait ... no, that's not quite what happened. Rodrigo Diaz, 22 (at right) was killed while driving away from a confrontation w/ a delusional paranoid who owned both a house & a gun.
Lilburn police are investigating the fatal shooting of a 22-year-old man.

Police said they were called out to a man's home on Hillcrest Drive on Saturday night.

A group of friends said they were going to pick up a girl who lived in the area to go ice skating around 10 p.m. when their GPS system sent them to the wrong home.

The friends said they pulled into the driveway and saw a man peer out the window. They said they waited in the car for a bit and then the man, Phillip Sailors, 69, came out of the home with a handgun, firing a round into the air.

“The guy came out. He went in again and he came out with a gun in his hand and he shot into the air,” 15-year-old passenger Yeson Jimenez said.

The friends said that's when they tried leaving the house, and said Sailors pointed the gun at the car and shot Rodrigo Diaz, 22, who was driving the car. An arrest warrant said Sailors had a .22-caliber pistol.

The passengers said Sailors never asked what they were doing there.

“’Shut up.’ That’s the only thing that came out of his mouth,” passenger Gandy Cardenas said.

The friends said Sailors held the rest of the people in the car at gunpoint until police arrived at the home. All three passengers in the car are Parkview High School students.

Sailors is being held on no bond on charges of malice murder. He has no known criminal history.

The warrant said the Diaz was struck on the left side of the head.

Friends told Channel 2's Tony Thomas that Diaz had just arrived here from Colombia three months ago.

Thomas has also learned Sailors is a war veteran and a former church missionary. Sailors' attorney told Thomas that the man believed he and his wife were being attacked.

“He is very distraught over the loss of life from the defense of his home. This incident happened late in the evening hours when he was home with his wife and he assumed it was a home invasion and he maintains his innocence,” the attorney said.
The perp: Too old to do sufficient time; torture should be part of his sentence.
The arrest warrant said Philip Sailors fired his .22-caliber pistol
in the direction of the victim while the victim was driving away.
Talking pictures for the less literate.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fear Report

The artist blathers.

Free Flapjacks!

Pencil it in on your iPhone now:
IHOP is bringing back their annual free pancake day on February 5, which is notorious for its long lines, enthused crowds, and massive stacks smothered in flavored syrup.
Massive contradiction two paragraphs later:
The offer is for one free short stack per guest

Security Theater

Hundreds of people line up to enter the Legislative Office Building
to attend a hearing of a legislative subcommittee reviewing
gun laws in Hartford, Conn., Monday, Jan. 28, 2013.
(AP Photo/Jessica Hill)
Under heightened security, including the rare use of metal detectors inside the Legislative Office Building, gun owners warned that they shouldn't have to give up their rights after Adam Lanza killed his mother, then murdered 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Fiscal Conservatism

Waste, fraud & abuse, to coin a cliché.

Fox News paid Palin over $15
per word, including 111 ‘amens’

Quantity is quality: If we got even 85¢ (US$0.85) for every word we typed at this mess we'd have been doing something besides sitting around here typing long ago.

Raw Story makes it so easy ... if there are adverts visible (just says "advertisement" in our preview) we all know free speech isn't, &c. And our sincerest apologies for the break, but we didn't want to dick about w/ the HTML when we could be eating or something.

Fox News paid Palin over $15 per word, including 111 ‘amens’ (via Raw Story )

An analysis by the University of Minnesota’s non-partisan Smart Politics website determined that Fox News paid former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin over $15 for each word she uttered on the air during her three-year contract, and 111 of those words were “amen.” Following last week’s news that Palin…

Love Me Two Times


Today's factoid:
GSD type V is also known as McArdle disease or muscle phosphorylase (myophosphorylase) deficiency.
You don't say!
The disease was first reported in 1951 by Dr. Brian McArdle of Guy's Hospital, London.[3]

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fuck The South*; California Über Alles

It used to be said of California, especially the southern part, that the United Snakes had been turned on its edge & everything loose (or all the nuts & flakes) had rolled to Southern Calif., where most of them opened a health food store in Venice or started a sex cult.

This slanderous calumny has at last been taken from the collective SoCal us by Gary Wills in the NYRB & applied where it's always belonged: To the dumb-ass crackers in the Bible Belt:
This is the thing that makes the South the distillation point for all the fugitive extremisms of our time, the heart of Say-No Republicanism, the home of lost causes and nostalgic lunacy. It is as if the whole continent were tipped upward, so that the scattered crazinesses might slide down to the bottom. The South has often been defeated. Now it is defeating itself.


Sunday Funny

Prowl Car Up-Date

Somehow failed to connect (not that we didn't make the connection, but for whatever reason, probably sloth, we didn't link the first one in the later one) these two items.

Now that's done, yet another unequipped black & white parked in front of a Ralphs.
Somehow this never made it past the draft stage on 18 January. To be sure we hadn't run it under a different title, we searched "Ralphs" & found a third suspicious car we'd recorded. Ah ha! Same car, 83507, spotted at a different Ralphs in 2011. No question now that Ralphs owns this vehicle & just moves it from store to store, so if you see it at your neighborhood Ralphs, shoplift away!

Them From A Summer Place

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Censorship Report

The only way we could be any prouder of ourself would be if this had occurred some time other than Sat. night when the only people dicking around on the Internet are other broke, unemployed/retired losers.
Extra proud we had to be censored. It would be nice if they'd get the entire web log name in there, but broke retired losers can't be choosers.