Friday, January 11, 2013

Afghan Security

In the same vein, w/ a photo.

DIA Welcomes The Ravens

We guess the Comic Sans indicates sarcasm.

Money, Meet Mouth

Well then. Who is James "Mr. Big Talk" Yeager, CEO of Tactical Response, going to kill now that his handgun carry permit has been lifted? Yesterday he certainly wasn't going to take even one more provocation.

The Way We Weren't

With Superstorm Sandy, the London Olympics, continuing unrest in the Middle East and the U.S. presidential election, there's been no shortage of big headlines in 2012. Economic struggles, political gridlock, natural disasters, red carpet coverage of the top award shows and Obama’s reelection. We covered it all. If you’re working on your 2012 year-in-review content, AP Archive has all the footage you need! Whenever a story broke in 2012, AP's cameras were on the ground, capturing the news as it happened. We can help you highlight all the top moments, names and news in your look back at the year that was 2012!Soundtrack is abysmal contemporary horseshit. Try this.

Note to Self: Check List Twice

Not one of those "He was so quiet & polite. You'd just never think ..." deals at all.
Students said that even though they were shocked that a shooting occurred, they didn't have trouble guessing who the gunman was.

Senior Rebecca Jackson was in a physics classroom just above where the shooting took place. She told the Bakersfield Californian, "I heard a popping noise and then everything went into lockdown. I knew, like immediately, that it was (the suspect)."

Taft junior Katie Wolfe told the Californian, "He does say stuff like that a lot. I’ve never heard him say a name that he was gonna shoot anybody in specific. I thought he was just kidding ’cause he’d say it all the time, and he never did anything since freshman year."

Angela Hayden, the parent of a student, told the Los Angeles Times the suspected shooter allegedly threatened to kill her daughter and other students last year on a field trip to Universal Studios. She said, "Everybody knew about this kid."

There are lots of unconfirmed rumors circulating on Twitter that Oliver had a hit list and had even been suspended for creating one last year. A few students even tweeted their concerns about Oliver last month.

Authorities confirmed that they are investigating just how long the gunman had planned the shooting, noting that it could have been as long as a year.

“He had intended targets. There's no question,” Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood said. "Certainly the two people that he targeted had bullied him, in his mind."
Well, shit, once they've gotten in your mind & are bullying you from the inside, what else can you do?


Via The Thunderblog & Doves Today, we see that Carmi's theme this wk. fits some pix we took some time last yr.; in the spirit of excess, here are a bunch of 'em.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Expository Thought Bubble

Annals Of Evolution

Slate readers ask the important questions,

How Did Humans Figure Out
That Sex Makes Babies?

then Slate more or less answers:
If we humans have essentially always kind of understood that the deed leads to the delivery room, did that knowledge have any consequences on our evolution as a society? Holly Dunsworth argues that, of the entire animal world, “reproductive consciousness” is unique to humans. That special knowledge may help explain both the evolution of our taboos around sex and our ability to bend nature’s procreative capacities to our favor in everything from dog-breeding to family planning.
Another evolutionary consequence: If females hadn't connected doing it w/ reproduction a long, long time ago they would have killed all the males by now.

Insecure Mess

The mess is not (as some might imagine) us, or anyone we've dated, but Oracle's Java.
"Java is a mess. It's not secure," said Jaime Blasco, Labs Manager with AlienVault Labs. "You have to disable it."
Off w/ its head!

Also, too.

Local Action Film Commentary

It's obvious we'd link to something w/ a line like this:
A complete whitewashing of one of the most vicious and racist paramilitary organizations in American history: the Los Angeles Police Department.
Testify, brother.

"Heh. Indeed." Dep't.

Good one from Barbara of The Mahablog:
Apparently there’s a law in Arizona that says if a firearm is abandoned and recovered by police, the police are required to re-sell the firearm to a licensed gun dealer. In Arizona, apparently, destroying a firearm is some kind of sacrilege.

I say someone should publish photographs of an assault rifle submerged in urine, and watch the Right freak out.

Pindicked Paranoid Threat Of The Day

WARNING: Speaks the words "fuck" & "fuckin'." Also threatens to "start killin' people," but that's perfectly acceptable in American discourse. Context.The implied threat of violence that most of these toads try to skip nimbly around isn't so implied any more, is it? Anyway, bring it on, you onion-headed fuck. We're sure your weapons will work as well for you as they did for this loser.
Is facial hair pretty much "assholes only" these days? (As we have an extensive collection of black T-shirts, we've nothing to say on them.)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First Amendment Freedom

Imagine our surprise upon reading this
This article has been taken down as it breached an embargo.
After we'd read this in our reader:

British forces to be equipped with Glock pistols for protection in Afghanistan

New weapons will replace venerable Browning sidearms that MoD says are too slow to fire in case of close-quarter attack
British troops in Afghanistan – and on future operations anywhere else – will be better able to defend themselves with the help of the first new standard pistol issued to the armed forces in more than 40 years.
Faced with the threat of attacks at close quarters – not least from members of the Afghan security forces turned by the Taliban or bearing individual grievances – the new weapons will enable them to shoot faster and more effectively, troops say.
More than 25,000 Austrian-made Glock pistols will finally replace the clunky Browning sidearm with which squaddies and commandos have had to cope for decades, the Ministry of Defence announced on Wednesday.
An £8.5m contract has been awarded to Glock after a tendering contest and trials stretching over two years. No British company competed; even the new pistol's holster is made abroad, in Italy.
The MoD recently urgently ordered a consignment of Swiss Sig Sauer pistols to enable British troops to protect themselves better in Afghanistan.
The new pistol, a variant of the Glock 17, will make it easier for British soldiers "to shoot back", said Colonel Peter Warden, head of the MoD defence equipment organisation's light weapons team.
The 9mm Glock is lighter and tougher than the Browning but above all much easier to fire – advantages which have already attracted US law enforcement agencies, including police forces, to the weapon.
The new pistol can be removed from its holster and fired within a second. With the Browning it would take four seconds or more.
"If I'm getting it out in under a second, I'm going to win it," said Marine Sergeant Steve Long, who has been deployed twice to Afghanistan as well as to Iraq and Sierra Leone. He tested the Glock in the heat of Brunei.
Speaking at Woolwich Arsenal in south-east London, where journalists and officials were invited to test the new pistol, he described the decision to equip British troops with the new weapon as a "massive step forward". He explained that with the Browning, a soldier had to undo the holster flap, flick the safety catch and draw a bullet from the magazine before firing a shot.
The Glock has built-in safety catches, and the pistol can be kept fully loaded with a round in the chamber even when it is in the holster. Its magazine can hold 17 rounds, compared to just 13 in the Browning.
"Pistols are vital in close combat and are a key part of a soldier's armoury," said Warrant Officer Mark Anderson of the Royal Marines. Personal sidearms were described by soldiers on Wednesday as "lifesavers".
Warden said that a Glock pistol will be available to every British soldier in Afghanistan later this year. Whether they will be issued with the new pistol will be up to their commanding officer.
The announcement was a significant moment in the long history of the ubiquitous Browning pistol – a personal weapon that Saddam Hussein frequently had at his side. Libya's Colonel Gaddafi also had one – gold-plated, and with his image on its handle. Libyan rebels waved it in the air when he was captured during the 2011 revolution.
Eat it, Royal Army/MoD. Eat it raw.

Soft On Communism

In the item below we mentioned the local now pay-walled fish-wrap/cage-liner/dog-trainer & wished you luck w/ the link to one of their items. Speaking of almost literal devils, we then came upon the L.A. Times & The Nix:
The Nix w/ the microfilm from the pumpkin.
But all of Nixon’s youth, intellect, and energy—in particular a talent for debate—would not have been enough to defeat Jerry Voorhis, not even with Nixon’s willingness to hint that Voorhis harbored softness toward Soviet Communism. What helped most was the intercession of a newspaper, the Los Angeles Times.

Today, you often hear the complaint that too many shouting, cable-enhanced voices have drowned out sensible political debate, and perhaps that’s true. One tends to forget, though, that newspapers like the Los Angeles Times had one voice—and that it overwhelmed all the others. That voice was shaped by the paper’s political editor, Kyle Palmer, an undersized, charming, and deeply partisan man who’d been with the newspaper since 1919. It is no exaggeration to say that Nixon, for all his vaunted antipathy to the press, owed his career to this single journalist and his paper.


By “we,” Palmer meant not only himself but the paper’s owners, the Chandler family, who likewise made no effort to hide their political leanings. When Nixon visited the Times, Palmer escorted him into publisher Norman Chandler’s office. “His forthrightness, and the way he spoke, made a deep impression upon me,” Chandler told Kornitzer, “and so—after Nixon departed—I told Mr. Palmer: ‘This young fellow makes sense. He looks like a comer. He has a lot of fight and fire. Let’s support him.’” Nixon was suitably appreciative: “After all, I was nothing at the time, a small-time lawyer just out of the Navy,” he told Kornitzer. “The support was tremendously important in assuring my nomination for Congress.”
A marriage made by Hell.

Local Music Action

Who's Herbert?Context. Further context.

100 Yrs. Of An American Asshole

The date (7 November) on this AP photo
might indicate this is Tricky Dick Nixon advising the liberal media it won't have him to kick around any more after his ass was handed to him in the Calif. gubernatorial election of 1962. If only.

On the other hand, The Nix's Southern Racist Strategy will probably be responsible for the eventual (The sooner the better.) dissolution of the Republican party.

Happy hundredth birthday, you paranoid, hate-filled McCarthyite shit. Is your upper lip as sweaty in hell as it was in the debate w/ JFK?

Also too: WATERGATE!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Apoplexy Report

Mr. Jones is about to explode w/ the white-hot fury of a star going nova.
"Suicide mass murder pills" (2:25). It's fairly obvious that something's driving some people out of their minds. Suicide mass murder pills (Band name of the wk., btw.) are as good an explanation as any.

The Night, On The Other Hand, Is Electric

It's a composite. Nonetheless,
[A]way from the cities, much of the night light observed by the NASA-NOAA Suomi NPP satellite in these images comes from wildfires. In the bright areas of western Australia, there are no nearby cities or industrial sites but, scientists have confirmed, there were fires in the area when Suomi NPP made passes over the region. This has been confirmed by other data collected by the satellite.
Please give credit for this item to:NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
Because different areas burned at different times when the satellite passed over, the cumulative result in the composite view gives the appearance of a massive blaze. These fires are temporary features, in contrast to cities which are always there.
Always, but not forever.

Every Day Is Gun Appreciation Day

“The Obama administration has shown that it is more than willing to trample the Constitution to impose its dictates upon the American people,” Ward explained. “If the American people don’t fight back now, Obama will do the Second Amendment what he has already done to the First with Obamacare – gut it without a moment’s thought to our basic constitutional rights.” Included in the coalition are organizations like the pro-Ron Paul Revolution PAC, the Second Amendment Foundation, the Social Security Institute, AmeriPAC, Political Media and the Committee to Draft Andrew Napolitano. In an email to Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, Ward explained that it was necessary to take action against lawmakers who wanted enact new gun laws in the wake of a mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Ward said that Gun Appreciation Day should “strike the fear of God in the gun-grabbing politicians on both sides of the aisle when millions of Americans celebrate their Second Amendment rights in force.”
Raw Story

Righteous Voice Of The Wk.

Monday, January 7, 2013

No Stopping, 2 Hour Parking

The Price Of Freedom

— A Norwich police officer was shot as many as five times Monday by a man police said was trying to commit suicide by provoking police to shoot him.

The officer, identified as Jonathan Ley, was reported to be in critical condition at Yale-New Haven Hospital, a hospital spokesman said Monday night.

Ley, a 14-year department veteran, suffered gunshot wounds to his neck, shoulder and leg, a witness said.

As of late Monday night, the man who shot Ley was holed up in an apartment building at 99 Cedar St. Police negotiators were trying to communicate with him, Norwich Deputy Chief Warren L. Mocek said. Police have not released his identity.
Where's the outrage? Oh, too soon? Excuse us.

Let's Have A War

Signe Wilkinson, dist. by WaPoWritGrp.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Silly Savage

Don't give the proverbial flying fuck at a rolling dough-nut about Michael "Savage" Weiner & his idea of a nationalist party w/ a charismatic leader, we just like this shot of Savage-Weiner & his canine companion.
Bird doody on the railing?
Image by John Storey/AP
Presidential timber if we've ever seen it, though Mr. Weinie is suitably modest about his potential for charismatic leadership:
"I could do it if I was 20 years younger. I would do it right now. But I’m not 20 years younger and I don’t have 20 years left in me. This is going to require enormous resource and enormous energy," he said.