Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Property Is Theft, Eviction Is Murder

We keep warning you cock-suckers, but you keep collecting rent. What the hell do you think will happen?
A mother and son, 58-year-old Diana Lynn Cohen and 28-year-old Daniel Xane Cohen, were arrested early Wednesday morning on suspicion of murdering Gordon Smith.

Smith, 63, was the owner of Shearwater Property Management.

The Cohens rented an apartment from Shearwater on the 1700 block of Kinsley Ave. in Santa Cruz, and Smith was in the process of evicting the mother and son from their home.
The smiling face of evil incarnate. Enjoy eternity in hell!
Hope profiting from working people was worth it.
Live by the rent check, die by the eviction notice, "property" managers.


Logical Thought said...

What about the fact that these people got neighbors evicted just so they could take their apartment? Sounds like they may be just as greedy as you seem to think the landlord was. So any landlord shot by a tenant is legit to you? Pretty ignorant stance.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

As a karate expert Jimmy McMillan would never kill a landlord, even if the rent is too damn high.

Anonymous said...

the best way to live life is by educating oneself and not to live like a leech in the back of others and then feel victimized.
the people who did it where the usual pathetic crazies mental cases who are destroying Santa Cruz.
shame on the leeches low life.

Weird Dave said...

Wow. Trolls.

What did you do to deserve them? (Not you B^4. We (or at least I)like you.)

Substance McGravitas said...

C-I-L-L my landlord.