Saturday, November 16, 2013


Uh huh, Mary Jane Business Administration. (Cannabis Public Accountant? Whatever the fuck.)

The wretched among us will remember "hip capitalism"; here's this millennium's version, none of which you need bother reading beyond the headline:

An MBA for stoners: Get ready for the next growth industry

At a Seattle conference, clean-cut entrepreneurs look to get rich and stay legal. The "party bus" waits outside

as it's only an intro to what interests us: Us.

And in our sector it's no sheet big business; there are now four "pharmacies" w/in six blks. of the editorial bunker, three recently opened & one that went out of business after several yrs. but was soon replaced by another in the same space. Or changed its name. No idea how these places opened so recently (Now this happens, when our receptors are too filled w/ other prescribed mind-altering crap to bother w/ boo.) as there were several competing propositions to reduce the reefer mania on the municipal ballot in May, one of which surely won.

And while beer & wine are available at approx. every other storefront in that six-blk. area that isn't a laundromat, by comparison there are only two liquor stores & a market where demon rum is legally available.
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