Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Here, Make Up A Title
Finish This Crap &
Fix The Typos/Edit It,

While making a juvenile & tedious sort of comment at Whiskey Fire we wentlookinged for a more recent picture of Fred Hiatt thana the one where he looks like the ghuy from Animal HOuase ather inane comment & ended in the Washington Pest's fucking rogue's gallery. Putrid, sure, but we're not are not as content-concerned as we are curious . Most of the on-line magazines we are forced to peruse for scraps of idiocy at which to howl (The Atlantic Slate Salon TNR The Daily Beast to name just a few but too many
seem to have acquired a new simpler less cluttered larger-print look recently

We assume this new look new thing is because every other ninny we see on the streets under the age of fiftyish has & is glued to a mobile device & they can't possibly all be cretins* using social media, some of them may merely be morons who can still wrap their lips around on-line magazine length syllables & the mags are getting in on it.

Doesn't matter, it'll be so effing hot you won't be able to go outside & it'll be back desktops & land lines & desktops. Assuming there's still land or desks.

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