Friday, October 18, 2013

Shut Up, Harvard Elitist

Study in delusion*. We've saved three mins. of your life by starting it where he starts embarrassing himself by using the Senate floor as if it were a Republican finger-pointing meeting.Not more "people rising up against" crap. Certainly not in "overwhelming numbers," because fuck all was overwhelmed. Having now seen this guy (& his even nuttier father) blathering, we can conclude he has no chance at anything Presidential; no one wants to see gravity doing its work in real time.

The people rise.

(0:30)-ish someone states "Republicans shut down the gov't.," followed by un-civility. Then a naughty word just past (1:30). Sadly, raw footage that never went beyond the CBS (See what they did there?) News site.She'd win World's Worst (Non-Rapist) ElementarySunday School Teacher hands down.
*Source called it "Dementia." Splitting hairs.

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