Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Radical Foamer

As whiny-ass Republican titty-babies ("The media lied & lied & lied, you know how they are ... buncha mean ol' communiss ... sniffle ... waaaaah ...") stood around avoiding any of the "personal responsibility" (You may have heard of this "personal responsibility" deal; moralizing asshole reactionaries/glibertarians often invoke it upon others while miraculously managing never to see the Biblical beam in their own eyes.) for their own most recent failure by "playing the blame game" (Another concept useful to deflect responsibility; but if blaming people is such a mean & hateful game, why are they always playing it?) Rep. Labrador of Idaho (A sub-humancretinous moron whose district should be nuked from above & then salted so nothing more will grow there*, even as any surviving supporters of the Rep.'s are carted off to FEMA reëducation camps.) let this idiocy ooze from his imbecilic pie-hole:
"Instead of praising that, which is what the American people have been asking for the last 200 years, that politicians actually listen to individuals, instead of to the ruling class†, you guys have actually written about that in a derisive manner, and I think that's really sad."
We've a more than vague idea why the mean ol' media was derisive: No one (certainly not Rep. Raúl) believes for a nano-second that Republicans are interested in anything but the interests of the corporate entities ("ruling class," how quaint) who've financed them in exchange for protection from progress for the last 200+ yrs. Not even the "objective, both sides do it" Wash. press corps could swallow that.

The bolded phrase is why we want to kill & torture: First-water hypocrisy. (In a decent, truly civilized society, anyone making such a two-faced statement would have had his tongue removed from his mouth w/ hot pliers, on the spot.) Rep. Labrador is far from the sharpest tool in the droolers' drawer (Though he is quite a tool.) which may keep him from realizing what a liar he is, or he may simply be delusional. (See: Mormon, Book of.)

Whatever the proper diagnosis, people so afflicted can no longer be allowed to reproduce. And no point letting them use oxygen that rational non-hypocrites could put to better use. (Resource wars, people. If America is to survive, dead weight like Labrador cannot be allowed to drag us down. Think of the future, thin the herd!)

And how can Rep. Labrador possibly understand America? He's from an island in the Caribbean called Puerto Rico, which is no more a U.S. state than Hawai'i is!! (Really, where do they get these people?) Get out, foreign usurper!!

A Latter-Day Saint as well. Say no more, right? (Well, we could add some boiler plate about self-hating non-Anglo Mormons hoping their children will be more "whitesome & delightsome" then they are, as promised, but why be obvious?)
The very definition of pin-dick: Then State Representative
Labrador in 2008. Talk about a militarized society.
Is arming idiots like him really the way to go?
In conclusion, should Rep, Labrador ever meet this reporter in person, he is a dead man, and he can take that to the same bank where he keeps his corporate bribe money. (We understand there is a way, somewhere on the iNternet. to determine who gives to political types. Shouldn't be at all difficult for someone to find how many individuals, as opposed to members of the ruling class/corporate drones Labrador has accepted bribes from"listened" to.)
*In retrospect, maybe a bit harsh: Once the blight of fascism is cleared from the land we should return it to the native peoples, salt-free. Coeur d'Alene, Moscow, Lewiston, they're all yours!

†Note well the would-be theocrats attempting to disguise their brutal fascism by invoking left wing concepts like democracy. Ideological purity or not, they aren't so pure they don't know what does & doesn't work in some aspects of politics. Which means that even hick legislators from places like Idaho's whitesome, delightsome First District realize that most Americans are not as crazed & ignorant as the aged honky evangelicals & fundamentalists who are the Republicans' constituents. What a surprise, never-ending hypocrisy. We hate to appear jaded (when really we're totally numb) but will this ever, ever just fucking stop?

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