Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dumb Clouds Stay Away
& Don't Come Back No More

It's so lonely, honey, in the State of Maine.
Seems pleasant enough.
El gordo won't even put in the effort to fabricate his own statistic, but goes w/ Romney's losing lie from last yr.'s loss:
Enough already. We're fed the hell up w/ peopleloud-mouthed assholes so awful that were we to publish what we'd like done w/ them we'd be subject to arrest if anyone who gave a flying fuck ever read this crap. ([stomping out] They'll be sorry when they find this after I'm dead! You'll see!!)

Clichéd, loud-mouthed Horatio Alger assholes:
LePage was born in Lewiston, Maine, the eldest son of eighteen children of Theresa (née Gagnon) and Gerard LePage, both of French-Canadian descent. He grew up speaking French in an impoverished home with an abusive father who was a mill worker. His father drank heavily and terrorized the children; and his mother was too intimidated to stop him. At age eleven, after his father beat him and broke his nose, he ran away from home and lived on the streets of Lewiston, seeking shelter wherever he could find it, including in horse stables and at a "strip joint". After spending roughly two years homeless, he began to earn a living shining shoes, washing dishes at a café and hauling boxes for a truck driver. He later worked at a rubber company, a meat-packing plant, and was a short order cook, and bartender.
Some would call that bootstrapping, or drag out other platitudes; judging from Gov. LePew's fictionalized background & current pleasant personality we'd guess it was inability to hold a job for long (A pattern that looks to continue w/ the Governorship.) until:
LePage worked for a lumber company in New Brunswick, Canada that was owned by his first wife's family from 1972–79, and later for Scott Paper in Winslow, Maine. He later founded his own business consulting firm, LePage & Kasevich Inc., which specialized in aiding floundering companies. In 1996, LePage became general manager of Marden's Surplus and Salvage, a Maine-based discount store chain.
Obligatory daily 'phone-it-in:

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