Monday, October 7, 2013

D.C. Due For Double Dose

Truck-Drivin' Turkeys & Another Million Morons Will Attempt
To Fuck Up American Capital This Wknd.

Let's start w/ the million* veterans. (As if. We'll be generous; both events combined might draw 10,000 idiots.)
WASHINGTON, October 7, 2013 — A march is coming to Washington this weekend that might make the lawmakers on both sides of the aisle take notice and rethink all of the political grandstanding in order to gain campaign contributions for themselves and their party, yet are hurting real Americans.

On Sunday October 13, 2013 the Million Vet March is going to take place t 9:00 a.m. at the World War II Memorial.

The protest has been organized by individuals with various connections to the military, either as children of veterans, spouses of veterans or those who have served themselves, who are outraged and deeply disappointed that individuals who have served in the military have been blocked from the memorials honoring their service across the country. They are most concerned about blocking access to monuments in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C.

According to the Million Vet March website, the organizers are not concerned about what anyone’s political leaning are, be they Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, if anyone who saw the World War II veterans barricaded from their memorial this past week and felt outrage, they want you to join them in their protest.

The organizers believe that the veterans are being used as pawns that have unwittingly found themselves in the middle of a political battle, and according to the organizers statement, that should never happen.
[One sic for the entire piece. Pathetic.]
Ah, priorities. The idiot hive-mind's love of symbols (The emptier the better; where's your American flag lapel pin, Obummer?) and fear of substance (Can you blame them?) only concerns itself w/ not being able to get close to a monument. The hell w/ people w/ jobs suddenly w/o income, children going to bed hungry because SNAP funding has stopped, blah blah. The hurt feelings of baby-killing WWII war criminals who won't be alive to vote in 2016, probably not even in 2014 are more important. How many veterans would have fought & died if they knew it was only so Nazis could win the final victory thanks to a crummy Constitutionneo-fascists & reactionaries would be able to destabilize the gov't., Weimar style?

We wonder if the injustice of barricaded monuments will keep these "apolitical" assholes distracted when their benefits are shut down.

The aggrieved vets are nothing compared to the truckers. (O.K., probably one guy. Nope. Wrong again, sexist assumer. One dame who couldn't make it in show bizcountry music.)
I am a country singer from Knoxville Tennessee known to the truckers as Cowgirl. At one time back in the day I was sponsored by Mack Trucks Inc and Petro Truck Stops of America. I indorsed the fuel island while Mel Tillis indorsed the Restaurant The Iron Skillet.
Funny no mention of the companies & corporations that underpay truckers, schedule them to drive long & dangerous hours & prefer they be "independent contractors." Also not to be mentioned is lack of organization to extract safer working conditions & more money from the corporate entities. Not to mention that owner-operators save the bossman from a big capital investment in tractor-trailers. (Suckers.)
Trucker-specific grievances behind the protest include Environmental Protection Agency fuel efficiency standards and the high cost of diesel fuel. State and local anti-idling laws as well as insurance companies purportedly requiring technological updates are among the irritations, as is the perceived deterioration of Fourth Amendment rights protecting truckers' cabs.
Rights: Important if your ox is being gored. X yrs. of surveillance state rights violations, Driving While Black &/or Hippie meh; one trucker on a four-day run is busted for meth & its get the gummint off'n our backs. Words to live by: Don't do nothin' wrong & you won't hafta worry 'bout no "rights."
Whether or not the truckers pack a punch to D.C. area traffic depends on the number and intensity level of participants. A similar three-day protest in 2007, against illegal immigration and competition from Mexican truckers, did not spoil commutes as feared, the Washington Examiner reported. A Facebook page advertising the upcoming ride has close to 50,000 likes.
Ooooo-weee!! 50,000 "likes." We amend our crowd estimate. Down to five thou. But the passion is still white-hot. (Unless it's a false flag op so martial law can be declared. Check the suggestions sidebar. Does this imminent declaration of martial law thing happen every month, or just in months w/ an "r"?)Essentially, all those perpetrating these scams should go fuck themselves. Normal people don't announce to the media their plans for playing w/ themselves; why can't these losers keep their fantasy lives under restraint? Perhaps joke media outlets like U.S. News & World Report & Washington Times Communities shouldn't report/hype the fever-dreams of imbeciles, 'cause next thing you know these people are all over it & we have to type one of these.
*Sure, we know a mere million morons is scratching the moronic surface, but how many morons are left after all this? (Which doesn't even mention the Million Moms March in the first two pages.)
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