Friday, October 25, 2013

Cry Me A River (Then Go Drown In It)

Ooo-wee! Having now read all the hot parts, be advised the Democracy Corps focus group recap is a comedy/schadenfreude gold mine. It's the original Festival of Butthurt, & the main event is the non-stop Recitation of Resentment.
They are also very conscious that they are viewed as rednecks by the liberal elite. Take, for example, this exchange between Evangelical women in Colorado Springs:
It becomes hard, because [if you’re conservative] you’re not allowed to have your opinion, but everybody else is.

You have to agree with another opinion. That's very annoying.

[Does anyone else feel that way? That you're allowed to have certain opinions, but not others?]

Yes. (All around)

[Where does that pressure come from?]

It's from the people who say that we're supposed to be tolerant.

[Who are they?]

The people who are intolerant. It's the left, for the most part ... I just recently had a debate on Facebook with a nephew of mine. And he accused me of so much stuff out of one comment … And it was just – He was just clueless on where I stood.
They realize & admit they're a minority, yet are surprised when their "ideas" offend a few parts of the dominant culture. Their gawd has forsaken them. Again. (It's been thousands of yrs., why do they expect otherwise? Faith? Heh indeed.)

These sore losers cannot die soon enough for this impartial reporter. (Literally; we'd like to see them drop like flies before it's our turn to go.)

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