Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Eat The Rich Dep't.

Better not let us catch you on this side of the Rockies you blood-sucking parasite. Just fucking look at this shit:
Ms. Weymouth loved the West Coast and hoped to stay there after law school. Her mother had other ideas. “I thought it was a nice place for a weekend,” Mrs. Weymouth said in an interview, “not for a life.”
Is that so? And Mme. Weymouth's idea of a "life" would be ... ("Lally Weymouth, Mrs. Graham’s daughter and Ms. Weymouth’s mother, a globe-trotting journalist and Manhattan socialite known for both her interviews with Middle East dictators and glitzy Fourth of July Hamptons parties.") ... slurping on dictators?
They tagged along on Lally’s reporting trips — “We got to have dinner at the Club d’Alep and meet some of the Syrian aristocracy” —
We hope they are all very proud of themselves. And we sincerely hope they were able to wash most of the blood from their hands.

The premise of the NYT story is that the dictator-slurping old bat's daughter Katharine is the publisher of The Washington Post, & there is worry whether the daughter will save the floundering fishwrapper. Just for extra funny, three days after publication of the story enemy of working people Jeff Bezos bought the whole pile of WaPoop. Good job, Lally Weymouth, your daughter & the other assholes in your family can't even hold onto the family jewels.

Despite our joy at what appears to be abject failure this will no doubt work out well for the parasitic Weymouths. Like the rats they are, they know when to leave a sinking ship (esp. one they sank themselves) & are no doubt getting out just in time w/ a ton of money that was made for them by the same staff Katharine has "reduced."
Ad revenue is declining and average daily circulation was 474,767 in March, down from 673,180 when Ms. Weymouth took over, the Alliance for Audited Media said.

Lacking the magic bullet, she is emphasizing a local mission — she has reduced staff, shut bureaus in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago and eliminated the well-regarded Book World section on Sunday — to meet demands by her uncle, and The Post board, that the newspaper turn a profit.
Honestly, when will people wake the fuck up & get out the guillotines? Don't forget Bezos either. He deserves to get it just for being a chump so big he was suckered into buying the bleeding Washington Post. As well as his atrocities against working people, of course. We haven't forgotten.


Pointless P.S.: Katharine Weymouth is the niece of the Weymouth who played bass in the Talking Heads.
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