Tuesday, July 2, 2013

When Electricity Came To California

Wallow in nostalgia as mostly local aesthetes & academics curate pix from the Huntington Library's SoCalEd collection: Form and Landscape: Southern California, Edison and the Los Angeles Basin 1940–1990.
San Onofre Nuclear Station today.
Shoot Us Now Dep't.:
The institutional and grant-making alchemy of Getty leadership mixed with centrifugal funding and freedom worked magnificently; in sheer volume and insight alike, the meld of scholarly consideration with public programming revolutionized our collective understanding of the regional art world across four or five decades of the twentieth century.
(Had to go back to the old country to discover this revolution in collective understanding.)

Damnit, knew we'd forgotten one.

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Ohh, an excuse to re-post .my favorite video.