Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Self-Righteousness Report

Briefly mentioned/excerpted just below, this Orson Scott Card screed is absolutely worth the effort of wrapping your lips around each & every syllable.

We're not sure how much actual Mormon theology is reflected by the hateful bastard, but it's crap either way. How can people hate themselves & their humanity so much & yet be so self-righteous about Joseph Smith's fantasy/delusion/con game? It's not even their fantasy. Whatever, authoritarian sheep blah blah blah, looking for daddy or something.

Here's a tempting taste or two:
So the regulation of sexual drives is designed not just to preserve the community of the Saints but also to improve and educate the individuals within it. The Lord asks no more of its members who are tempted toward homosexuality than it does of its unmarried adolescents, its widows and widowers, its divorced members, and its members who never many. Furthermore, the Lord even guides the sexual behavior of those who are married, expecting them to use their sexual powers responsibly and in a proportionate role within the marriage.
O.K. then. Sexual control to perpetuate religion, & religion for social control. At least he admits that's why religions are all up in your naughty bits all the fucking time. Note also the feudal aspects of calling the Big Fucking Killer in the Sky "Lord." Which makes O.S. Card a slave, serf, peon or peasant.

Here, the men can't be controlled because they are sooooo horny schtick (the implication is that "homosexual experimentation" is fifteen-yr. old dudes all over each other 'cause they all move) & the "We're repressing you senseless until you get married because we love you sooooo much & it's for your own good" line. News to Mr. Scott Card: 15-yr. olds are lustful, but the epidemic of bestiality & assaults on vacuum cleaners & other moving objects you'd expect w/ those teens fucking anything that moves has not yet appeared. We're waiting 'though.
The average fifteen-year old teenage boy is genetically predisposed to copulate with anything that moves. We are compassionate and forgiving of those who cannot resist this temptation, but we do not regard as adult anyone who has not overcome it; and we can only help others overcome these "genetic predispositions" by teaching them that we expect them to meet a higher standard of behavior than the one their own body teaches them. Are we somehow cruel and over-domineering when we teach young men and young women that their lives will be better and happier if they have no memory of sexual intercourse with others to deal with when they finally are married? On the contrary, we would be heartless and cruel if we did not.
As a practitioner of serial (mostly) monogamy for the past 45+ yrs., this reporter can assure anyone who asks that memories of prior humping w/ others never once interfered w/ our happiness. Sounds a bit more like the pin-dicks, limp-dicks & cold fish who just lie there are worried about their marital performance. But w/o any comparison, Mormons who did keep it in their pants can have miserable marriages w/o even knowing it's the crummy sex that's making them miserable. Jesus & Joe (Hump every woman who moves, but "marry" her first.) sure love you, don't they? Funny the very founder of the religion didn't really seem to live up to Mr. Card's higher standards of "adulthood." But it's gay people who are hypocrites, not Joseph Smith or Orson Scott Card.

Only one more load, we're feeling ill. (No we aren't. We're feeling that if the shitty movie premieres in L.A. we may be forced by some genetic predisposition or another to make an attempt to beat some reality, decency or humanity into Card. W/ a shovel. Have to wait until October, it appears. Hope Card shows, & hope there is much protest.)
The hypocrites of homosexuality are, of course, already preparing to answer these statements by accusing me of homophobia, gay-bashing, bigotry, intolerance; but nothing that I have said here-and nothing that has been said by any of the prophets or any of the Church leaders who have dealt with this issue-can be construed as advocating, encouraging, or even allowing harsh personal treatment of individuals who are unable to resist the temptation to have sexual relations with persons of the same sex. On the contrary, the teachings of the Lord are clear in regard to the way we must deal with sinners. Christ treated them with compassion-as long as they confessed that their sin was a sin. Only when they attempted to pretend that their sin was righteousness did he harshly name them for what they were: fools, hypocrites, sinners. Hypocrites because they were unwilling to change their behavior and instead attempted to change the law to fit it; fools because they thought that deceiving an easily deceivable society would achieve the impossible goal of also deceiving God.
(No changing the law. We'll have no democracy here, damnit!!) You must confess your sin & then show proper remorse or you're really going to get it!! Apparently defiance of imaginary but threatening figures on the planet Kolob is as awful to them as their hypocrisy is to decent people.

Now we'll grant that all we've quoted from this particular screed deals w/ the gay person who is so dense/gullible that s/he can't get the hell out of the L.D.S. scam, but we doubt if the attitude so proudly displayed changes much w/ non-Mormon gay people. Especially judging from the "keep the homo laws on the books" paragraph in the item underneath this one.

Yep, "homo it up all you want, but keep it way down low in the closet, because you are a threat to my remaining not-gay, honest!" Follow the logic in this:
The goal of the polity is not to put homosexuals in jail. The goal is to discourage people from engagng in homosexual practices in the first place, and, when they nevertheless proceed in their homosexual behavior, to encourage them to do so discreetly, so as not to shake the confidence of the community in the polity's ability to provide rules for safe, stable, dependable marriage and family relationships.
Once again (or 20 yrs. ago) the homos threaten marriage by wanting "safe, stable, dependable marriage and family relationships" for themselves. What in hell?


BadTux said...

Ah yes, Pedophile Scott Card strikes again.

It's interesting how these kiddie-diddlers and closet cases are always saying that being fat is a matter of genetics while being gay is a matter of choice. Seen any fat Ethiopians recently?

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

The opium of the people.

Substance McGravitas said...

use their sexual powers responsibly

I was just a nerdy kid until that lab accident when I was bitten by a radioactive penis.