Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How Can We Miss You ...

Not quite gone away, but again we sense we'll be seeing less & less of Megan McArdle. When her book tanks (Fingers crossed!) maybe she'll disappear into a public relations job at whatever libertarian bullshit factory her husband will be lucky enough to be working for. (Assuming her husband hasn't (if the book tanks) dropped her like a hot but high-dollar kitchen implement. She may be losing value; who reads Bloomberg View, what ever the fuck it is?)

So, a link to the official announcement as a public service. And, Megatron's a Facebook user. (We're w/ Pat Robertson on this:Facebook does need a vomit button.)The last* entry from her brand-newish web log:
Note to web loggers everywhere: Telling the world you're away for the wk. may not be the best idea. (We do hope none of her expensive kitchen gadgets were burgled. No, really.) Nor is giving a firm date for your return. "Regular blogging will resume on the fifth." It's already the ninth. (That's four days, for those w/o a calculator handy.)

Quote of an Indeterminate Time Period (Could be three mins., could be a decade.) from her log:
But I’m very excited to be joining Bloomberg, whose core focus is the kind of business and economics reporting that I focus on. They’ve promised me access to a terminal.
O.K., parsing that, we're going to assume the first sentence was not intended to be funny, although the word "reporting" cracked us up. We're also pretty sure the second sentence was supposed to be something relating to, if not actual, humor. Everything in Megan's McWorld is backward, or upside down. Sometimes both. Bloomberg View should be sure she has a working calculator before letting her near a terminal. (Not a joke.)

Fuck that was a lot of typing just for a chance to play this:Would've gone better in the one we titled "McArdle On Move - Again".
*Note to "creatives" who put out books, recordings, videos, &c.: Never say "last." Always refer to your last opus as your "most recent" work.

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