Friday, June 7, 2013

The Man In Black

Westside totebaggers must've been cold-turkeying it while KCRW was off the air & they couldn't get the unique KCRW mix of crummy hipster music & NPR drivel.
The studios of KCRW were cleared out by authorities responding to the multiple shootings of people on and around the campus at Santa Monica College. According to KCRW news staffers posting on Twitter, the station is airing a CBS feed on the airwaves at 89.9 FM. Afternoon news host Steve Chiotakis has tweeted that he will soon go on the air from the studios of NPR West in Culver City.

3:55 update: KCRW now on the air at 89.9 from NPR West, producer Avishay Artsy says on Twitter.
KCRW news producer Evan George posted the photo above
on Twitter of a body dressed in black on the campus.
News reports say the gunman at Santa Monica College
was dressed in black. 
Law-abiding citizens & their family values if unconfirmed rumors are to be believed.

Just before press time: Adverts back on local tee vee news; all's well then. Body count now six plus armed & law-abiding citizen killer.

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