Monday, June 10, 2013

Judicial Watch

Scanning the non-stop all-stupid drivel emanating from the keyboards & other orifices of frightened cretins who should know better, we've been informed by scum such as Bloody Bill Kristol that massive violations of the Fourth Amendment are no big deal & the necessity of a F.I.S.A. judge signing a warrant before a federal snooper may access the total information of every American's Internet & telephone activity makes it all good.

We can only respond "ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha," damned imbeciles, "ha ha ha." Do they believe F.I.S.A. judges give a damn about anyone's rights, privacy or anything else? They're judges, a group not known for its compassion or for bending over backward for the rights of anyone who isn't a corporation.

And do they also believe that a F.I.S.A. judge denying a snooping request will stop a security-minded/paranoid government organization? Next we'll be told that the judges sit around the databases & server farms all day long keeping an eye on the F.B.I. & defending the rights of non-corporate citizens. Christ on a crutch, how gullible are these asswipes?

Gullible enough that next wk. they'll have returned to complaining about the snooping nanny state they favor as long as it's oppressing workers & moral degenerates but isn't interfering w/ profits for their corporate masters. And we're ignoring the "great idea" crap so many (Most?) of these hypocrites spewed when the fascist PATRIOT Act, the Dep't. of Fatherland Security & other attacks on our FREEDUMBZ!!! were first proposed & passed. No doubt a book (A WHAT? In The White House? How Good Stuff Became The Worst Thing Ever) will be written about the phenomenon.

We do understand a 10th Circle of Hell is being constructed for every filthy hypocrite the American political system has spawned, but that's little consolation in this world. Is it at last time to use the Second Amendment to save the First & Fourth Amendments?