Friday, June 7, 2013

An Armed Santa Monica
Is A Polite Santa Monica

Dead bodies & a house on fire, possibly domestic violence, then shooting at cars & buses, as well as shooting at (& hitting) people on the campus of Santa Monica College.

Body count just went to threefour. Also unconfirmed rumors of a body in a car near the burning house. Police still looking for another "shooter" besides the one lying dead in front of SMC.


BadTux said...



Carmi Levy said...

My heart aches. I wish I had words.

As Bad Tux said so eloquently, sigh.

mikey said...

This shit just boggles my tiny mind.

I carried a gun since high school. I even used it once or twice.

But it NEVER, even once, occurred to me to use a gun against an unarmed fucker.

A stick, a tire iron, a roll of nickels, a full-on beatdown, sure, but you DO NOT need to shoot somebody who doesn't have a weapon.

Christ. Our world is crap....

Welberg said...

Some good photographs here, including the first one in the sequence. War photography. Not far from my backup parking lot.

Aunt Snow said...

It's really weird when you watch this footage and realize that you recognize the police dog.

About a mile from my office. Lots of colleagues working right there at the park and the college swimming pool