Wednesday, March 13, 2013

True Patriot

Is our patriot a sad-ass in a Gadsden flag T-shirt w/ a misspelled sign in one hand & an AR-15 in the other (often perched atop a mobility scooter) blathering about taking their country back, keeping gummint out of Medicare, & the President's a niggermooslim or muslin?

No. Fuck no. The true patriot is Scott Prouty, the real American who put Mitt Romney's off-the-record 47% remarks on the record.

Especially amusing/ironic is that the principal reason he brought a camera to the gig was that he'd worked a similar gig, w/ Bill Clinton grubbing the money, & Clinton went to the kitchen, met the catering or kitchen staff, shook hands & posed for pictures. Not that Clinton isn't a pathetic & needy politician, but we'd love to know how many times Mitt Romney stayed to meet people doing actual work at his events. The over/under on that is -1.

Full disclosure: You bet your fucking ass we're in that "47%." We can't even remember the last time we bothered to file w/ the I.R.S. or the State Board of Equalization (Great name. If only it lived up to it.) 'though it was long before we started our campaign to bleed the gov't. dry & stop the military-industrial-Congressional complex by collecting the money we paid into Social Security. And the housing money we're getting.

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Weird Dave said...

Hope you're enjoying your lobster tails and Cadillac, moocher.

And I am reminded of the old saying, if someone is nice to you but not nice to the waitress, that is not a nice person.