Monday, March 11, 2013

Today's Photo Analysis

Not "photo analysis" that determines how big a lie can be told about the number of "biological warfare trucks" Saddam Hussein has, but 10¢ psychological analysis based on a photograph. Much more honest & honorable.

Today, Mark Regnerus, the person behind the big (& bullshit) "gay parents are (allegedly) bad*" study the haters have been so excited about:
Between the pleated khakis, the sissy shirt, the displayed wedding band & the Maynard G. Krebs deal under his chin, we can only conclude "unresolved sexual conflict(s)."

File this one under "Personal Cheap Shots (Against Obvious Assholes").
*It has long been the editorial & real-life position of this web log & its editor/publisher that having children & "parenting" them is fucking fascism, whether the parents are gay, straight, neither or both. Strike a blow for freedom, children of all ages! (If you know what we mean, & we think you do.)
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