Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Poor Want Food!!

Down to dairy & condiments again.
Wonder if the new Pope, w/ his Jesuit concern for "social justice," his compassion for the poor & his "humility" is willing to sell some of the Vatican's treasure & deliver some food to us. He doesn't even have to show up himself, just have some food delivered. (And we sure as hell don't need any of that "Look, I'm washing a poor person's feet" bullshit either. It's the 21st century schmucks, few of us are still wearing sandals & getting our feet dirty as if it's 20 centuries ago. Jesus, even their symbolism is ++lame.) If not, we'll have to leave the bunker & forage, & the Pope & his flunkies will be proven to be hypocrites w/in hrs. of the selection. We're waiting, Frankie.

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