Saturday, March 16, 2013

Republican Re-Branding Report

GOP Brand MkI
Less sneering, more smiling when saying anything about women or sex (Nothing about rape, ever!) add tokenism, & don't admit you want to destroy the health care system out loud & in public. That should cover re-branding.
NEW! IMPROVED! GOP Brand MkII (It's really different!)
Also: Triumph in the Kulturkampf. Strictly From Hunger Games, via Herr Doktor Zoom at yr Wonket:
GOP Brand MkIIa: High-profit packaging for the serious rube.
But never neglect the base: For one thing, they can't be easily grifted unless their anxieties are stoked & they feel victimized. How, then, to appeal to the wretched, mostly white males who think "feminazis" is hee-larious? Alyssa Rosenberg shows us, & adds:
And if I were Megyn Kelly, I’d be gritting my teeth and hoping that Fox had a plan to move me to Fox proper in primetime, or that Jeff Zucker’s CNN might be interested in hiring me and letting me wear a blazer.
Go on, take over the culture. Just be careful w/ the Torch of Liberty, W for Wolverines. Fire burn dem.


Suzan said...

You are soooooooo good.

Thanks for the only real reporting we've heard about the ironies imparted by this rebranding.

No one could outtrump you now.

Hope your bipolarism is receding.

Love ya,


Weird Dave said...

A few more of those 'Movement on Fire' videos should be enough to convince me to vote for Rick Santorum.

M. Bouffant said...

Ranchero Editor:
We believe that is but a shorter version of their masterpiece. Be ready.

Pains us to admit it but we're doing well, considering (probably means something bad is about to happen).