Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Once A Soldier ..."

... always a war criminal. For your edification, all the former soulless baby-killing murderers who were in the 112th Congress, courtesy of the Assoc. of the U.S. Army.

But not all the blood-thirsty motherfuckers had a chance to kill, maim & torture for Jesus & America while serving. Note the distinguished career of one Screwy Louie Gohmert, who seems to be compensating just a wee bit (item below) for his not enlisting when he could have gone to 'Nam & won the war, Washington or not.
We'll just bet the Army did the best it could to make Louie all that he could be. Between military ineptitude & what the Army had to work w/ there wasn't much they could do.
Such a nobody they didn't put his name above his picture.

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