Saturday, March 16, 2013


More local abuse here.
For starters we’re so spread out – from desert to mountains to sea – that LA is encircled by 29 small townships you’ve never heard of, like Vernon, Cudahy and Bell, of legendary corruption.  These small suburbs of our giant suburb are often controlled by ethnic (increasingly Latino) machines whose efficiency at robbing their constituents is equaled only by their resistence to reform.

Our powerless mayor, Antonio Villagorsa, the city’s first Spanish-speaking head since 1848 when a Mexico-ruled LA was just a dusty, hyper-violent cow town, is now term-limited out, hence the so-called contest.  Antonio has great teeth, fine skin, is a friend of labor (sometimes) and unusually skilled at suffocating scandal.   (Like breaking up his family for an affair with a TV reporter.)
We have no idea why those two paragraphs appeared; the incumbent mayor isn't running, & the residents of the buffer zone don't vote in Los Angeles elections.

Ah. Writer Clancy Sigal is 86+. Blacklisted & split for England. Sorry dude. You get a pass (this time). Chances of this reporter even hitting that age, let alone typing half as well are low.
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