Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's Them Or You, Youth

Kill your parents now, before it's too late. They want to kill you, & don't pretend otherwise.
SANTA ANA – A prosecutor played for an Orange County jury Monday portions of dramatic 911 calls in which a 16-year-old is heard telling dispatchers that his mother had shot his father and him, and that his younger brother was fighting with her inside their home.

"My brother is in there, please hurry up, my brother is in there," the boy is heard pleading with dispatchers while moaning in pain from being shot in the arm.

At least one juror wiped away tears, as did some members of the audience in Superior Court Judge Francisco Briseño's courtroom during the tape playback in the trial of Annamaria Magno Gana, 43, who is accused of killing her husband and attempting to kill her two sons, then 16 and 9, in a 2011 Mother's Day incident in an unincorporated block just north of Tustin.

Deputy District Attorney Ebrahim Baytieh told jurors in his opening statement that a financially stressed Gana, who was battling breast cancer, planned and made a "self-centered decision" to kill the three family members and herself.
Yes, Mother's Day. The oppression never stops, does it?

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