Monday, March 18, 2013

It's Futile, It's Sad

Richard Hell must be ready to die: He has an auto-bio on the shelves or wherever it is one gets books these days.

Legs McNeil reviews:
Richard and I have remained friends throughout the years, though we don't talk as much as we once did. Probably because in the mid-’90s, Richard and I were invited, along with Kathy Acker and Allen Ginsberg, to speak with William Burroughs at some highbrow literary event in Lawrence, Kansas. Immediately afterwards, Kathy Acker died of breast cancer, then Allen Ginsberg went, and then William Burroughs. Both Richard and I wondered who was going to be next.

So Richard would call and drawl, “So Legs ... uh ... how ya feeling?”

And then laugh hysterically.
Not this one.
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