Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Images Of An Indefinite Period Of Time

The "Joe the Plumber" gun give-away closes 31 March. If you're like us & two wks. isn't nearly enough time to click & submit, the same weapon is being given away by a different conserv-o-weasel w/ a web site, who will continue accepting e-mail addresses until 31 May. To stir the bloodlustwhet the appetite he (via the Breitbart sucker list this time; Not-Joe the Not-a-Plumber's came from RedState Marketplace) sent us our first image:
Last month, my daughter Bethany and I went hog hunting with our friends Doug and Regis Giles. We were using AR-15s. Despite what national news commentators say, the AR-15 is NOT an “assault weapon” or “weapon of mass destruction.”

In honor of this magnificent rifle, we are giving away a new AR-15 to the lucky American who wins this drawing.
"Magnificent? It's mah-velous!"

Hands, Time On

W. Dave noted that spam Blogshit allowed was not Russki porn or Ugg sales, & that the [s]pammer blog actually has some nice pictures (including the dicknose all the way at the end).

We went even farther (the Kraut section) & found this:
You can't even escape him on the other side of the damn planet. ++irksome in that the "nice/twice" line belongs to Walla Walla 99362, not that New York, New York hasn't given it a shot.

On The Radio

After Louie Gohmert made a fool of himself  at his CPAC2013 panel appearance he was one hot item on radio row. We enjoyed these shots because the two radio hostesses look more like sidewalk hostesses. Nice shoes ladies.
These are family values people?
Maybe the Gambino family.

We shouldn't be so mean. Those two will never get the FOXNews gigs they're so obviously dreaming of by hiding their talents.


Aunt Snow said...

Jesus, what happened to the CPAC dress code?

Weird Dave said...

Mmmmmmmm..feral boar

M. Bouffant said...

Casual Dress Editor:
You're telling us! Would've linked to it, but sloth.

No bacon? "Sprouts" indeed.

BadTux said...

They went hunting wild boar with an AR-15? Wow. I'm impressed -- that they managed to kill one with that tiny pop-gun, because wild boar is dangerous as hell and it usually takes a 30-06 (minimum) to take down half a ton of crazed porker.

Unless they shot the porkers while the porkers were caged, I call shenanigans.

- Badtux the Bullshit-smellin' Penguin

M. Bouffant said...

Bam Bam Editor:
That's why you need a hi-cap mag, silly.

jim said...

Lost it at "Maybe the Gambino family."

You wiggle up & down your electromagnetic stroll with the junk in the trunk you HAVE, not the junk in the trunk you WISH you had.

Gams Guru said...

Whoa Nellie, spectacular legs!