Monday, March 11, 2013

Don't Believe The Hype, Part Whatever

Last night we "ordered" a few of these free comics, giving up our name & an e-mail address in the process. And since we placed the order (a process that itself was long, slow & painful; the Marvel site moved at the speed of molasses) we haven't been able to get the Marvel site to work & grant us access to our freebies. (Their site must be accessed: When you're told you're "downloading" something they mean it will be made available to you on their fucking site, in a "personal" My Comics area, as opposed to the generally accepted concept that downloading something means you will have all the bits & bytes comprising the damn thing sent to & remaining inside your devil-box.)

Good fucking job, Disney & Marvel. Way to be prepared for an increase in traffic, incompetent fucking corporate drones.

No idle threats, even though Disney/Marvel wasted our precious time! Just a mention that we know where they work (Burbank) & we hope they haven't been saving money by cutting back on the studio fire department. DIAF, bay-bee!!
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