Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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This reporter has published an item about targeted police killings (We are not in favor of them.) at Whiskey Fire.

But don't bother trying the link there to the L.A. Tribune, Chicago Times or whatever that cage-liner is (Reality check: No one will pay US$1.50/edition to get something w/ which to line Tweety's cage.) as they seem to be trying to see how much of their nose they can cut off to spite their bank acc'ts. by making it impossible to read anything w/o paying big bucks for the "privilege." (No surprise they declared bankruptcy. Anyone want to start a pool on when the corporation declares itself bankrupt again, or just gives up & goes out of business?)


Brendan Keefe said...

And a fine post it was. I happened to drop by WF before coming here, and I was proud to have been able to detect the author from the writing style before I got to the byline.

Or typing style, as you wish.

Not really sure I agree about cops being cowards. I do think they're extraordinarily tribal, though, so the practical effects are probably not distinguishable.

M. Bouffant said...

Pop Psych & Physiology Editor:
As usual, being obnoxious.

Oddly, I was actually thinking about that earlier, & concluded that most of them being relatively conservative, they probably have those over-sized amygdalas that cause them to be excessively fearful. Which doesn't necessarily make them cowards, esp. if they overcome their fear & go out on the streets to do whatever they do. But it makes them scaredy-cats & prone to over-reaction.

C'mon, the ampersands & refusal to type out "with" are a dead give-away.