Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Foundational Issues

TheDC grasps at the weak-on-defense "according to some defense analysts" straw. The headline-promised "experts" are actually one self- (or Daily Caller-)proclaimed "defense expert at the Heritage Foundation."
Foundation-wise, we assume the purpose of the Daily Caller News Foundation is training uncritical youth to record Heritage Foundation talking points & type them into something Internet-usable. Good job then, Robby Soave!
Deficit? "Washington's huge spending quote-unquote problem?" Waste fraud & abuse, to coin another phrase? Hah!! Not applicable to the Defense Dep't. Darn those torpedoes & full speed ahead!
Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel, whose confirmation hearings began Thursday, is expected to preside over a gradual decline in funding for the armed services. This is the wrong approach, Slattery said.

“The Secretary of Defense should be clearly stating what US national security strategy is, and what it will take to implement that strategy, not, ‘this is how much money we have so these are the things we are going to do with that money,’” he said.
Not to mention that some say they are very worried about threats to their budgets, & are writing strongly-worded letters.
A recent letter from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to Congress put the matter in no uncertain terms.

“The readiness of our armed forces is at a tipping point. We are on the brink of creating a hollow force.”
Below: Severely cropped image of a fraction of somebody's tax dollars at work in the service of BigGargantuan Oil & al.
FILE - 12 Nov. 2011: Nimitz-class aircraft carrier
USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) transits the Straits of Hormuz.
(Petty Officer 3rd Class Kenneth Abbate/U.S. Navy, file via AP.)

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